Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bill Moyers' BS to air on PBS

Guess what your tax payer dollars are paying for? Bill Moyers to have supposedly "objective" documentaries on PBS. After a 2 year absence Moyers (who can't get hired by anyone else) is taking our tax money to air a propaganda, hit piece on Fox News and Conservative talk show hosts entitled, BUYING THE WAR tonight.

Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity both talked about it on their shows last night. Bill O'Reilly especially showed that Moyers has some serious problems telling the truth. A Fox News producer questioned Moyers about things he has said and Moyers denied it all. O'Reilly then played the tapes of the interviews where Moyers said exactly what the producer asked him about. Moyers has been repeatedly asked to come on O'Reilly's show and he refuses to do so.

The documentary to air tonight is filled with propaganda aimed at doing nothing more than trashing people that he disagrees with ideologically. Bill Moyers is a left wing whacko and I resent the fact that PBS is paying him to do hit pieces on his enemies. Yet another reason our hard earned tax money shouldn't go to fund anything done by PBS.

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