Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2008 Presidential Update

Toon Credit: Scott Stantis

"When I look at these top three guys, I think of Shania Twain singing 'That Don't Impress Me Much,'" said former House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

McCain's Meltdown--I don't agree with much that Alter says in this but this paragraph hit home:
The senator's timing seems off in a way that might be admirable if it weren't so politically clumsy. McCain trashed President Bush when he was popular—and now champions him when he's down. The trashing angered many Republicans, who could never fully trust McCain again after his apostasy on tax cuts, torture and a dozen other issues where he always seemed to be highlighting his independence from Bush on TV.
Robin has a more accurate take on why McCain isn't getting support from Conservatives in her post entitled, Media Has it Wrong About McCain.

Giuliani's Gaffe--I consider this pretty big since it has really made me doubt whether I can support him. The problem is if Gingrich or Fred Thompson don't become viable I may have to settle for him.

Fred Thompson is for Real--A political contact of mine keeps saying that Thompson doesn't have a prayer. Yet, I have to wonder since the blogosphere is alive with support for him and he is doing fairly well in the polls before he has even announced that he's running. I'm not overly impressed with him but he does seem to be more appealing overall than anyone else right now. Although, if him or Gingrich are going to run they need to get in now since they are already behind in the money race.

Newt Gingrich--Many in the blogosphere love this guy. I'm pretty sure Dobson is going to endorse him. By all accounts he passes most of the social conservative tests and he is extremely brilliant. My concern is he is determined not to get into the race until this fall. Also, he has marriage baggage and I'm not sure he can recover from how the media unfairly demonized him in the 90's.

Mitt Romney--My own Governor Matt Blunt and former U.S. Senator Jim Talent are both endorsing Romney. Ann Coulter amazingly seems to favor him. I am just apathetic about him. He tried to be more liberal than Ted Kennedy just 5 years ago. Although, he does seem to be pretty solidly pro-life and against gay marriage now. The good news is when Al Gore and Bill Clinton switched to pro-choice when they ran a national campaign they stayed that way. So I don't see Romney switching back anytime soon. Still not thrilled about him.

Bottom line:
As Rush, Mike and others have pointed out, it is still early. It kills me not to jump on any one bandwagon at the moment but I'm not going to until I see how things pan out. If Gingrich or Thompson become viable I will probably support one of them. If neither of them gains any traction then I will support Romney or Rudy, whoever has the better chance of beating McCain.

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I honestly would prefer Hillary Clinton to win the Dem nomination. 50% of voting age adults are already dead set against voting for her. She has A LOT of baggage. John Edwards doesn't have a prayer. Every day some gaffe comes out about his campaign. Yet a political contact of mine brought up that Edwards could be a spoiler and split the Hillary vote to give Obama the nomination. An interesting thought!!

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