Thursday, March 29, 2007

Senate Undermining Our Troops

Now that the Senate has sided with Al Qaeda also, I just have 2 things to say.

Chuck Hagel sucks!!

My awesome, Senator Kit Bond rocks!!
This is what he had to say after the ridiculous bill passed:
"I am disappointed that my Democratic colleagues have set the stage for a veto of this critical bill. Earlier this month the Senate voted to give General Patraeus’ plan for a new direction in Iraq a chance. Unfortunately, today’s vote is a blow to these efforts. The bill to fund our warfighters has been used to undercut General Patraeus at this crucial time," Bond said in a release.

"Wars cannot be run from the halls of Congress 10,000 miles away from the war zone. I am frustrated that my fellow Senators feel they are better qualified to make these decisions than our soldiers, officers, and commanders in the field who are daily risking their lives to bring peace and security to Iraq."

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