Friday, March 30, 2007

LMC's The Anti-View

"'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."--Abraham Lincoln

Okay, I'm finally losing it when it comes to Rosie. Do you see how Elizabeth is looking at her like she's nuts? Its because she is. I really don't know how much longer Barbara Walters and ABC can allow Rosie to spew ignorance, irresponsible comments, conspiracy theories and blatant hatred toward others on her show.

The new show on Fox late at night called Red Eye brought up an excellent point. They are going to hold an intervention for Rosie to get her back on her meds. That sounds like the best plan to me.

People should be allowed to speak their minds but there needs to be some kind of fact check on someone like Rosie. The View is mostly supposed to be about fluff but when you are talking about crucial issues facing the U.S. you need to do your homework. It has gotten past ridiculous and her comments are just plain ignorant and irresponsible.

So I was thinking about this yesterday and I've decided I'm ready to throw my hat in the ring. I'm going to recruit Skye, Becky, RT, Monica, Mahndisa, Gayle, Anna and MamaPajamas and we'll have our own show which will be The Anti-View and we'll come up with a clever name. Each day we will have a token liberal on who we will only allow to speak a few sentences so as to make it comparable to how The View does it, in reverse.

So if you'd like to be a part of the team or you have a great name for us leave your suggestions in the comments' section.

If you would like to contact ABC to voice your complaints, go here.

P.S. I've got 2 posts up today so be sure to check out my one on Iran also.

P.S.S. When I googled conservative chic pictures to use for this post 2 of my own pictures from this blog turned up, very ironic!!

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