Tuesday, March 27, 2007

KC Election Day 2007

Today is election day in Kansas City for our Mayor and City Council positions. I don't have a whole lot to offer in the way of endorsements. I will be voting for Mark Funkhouser but I'm not ecstatic about it in any way, shape or form. Simply put, I view him as the lesser of 2 evils. One week after he won in the primary he backed off his position on school choice which was the main thing that excited me about him.

One other thing that does impress me though, is that he seems to be genuinely open to hearing from people of all walks of life in Kansas City. A friend of mine who is a homeschooling mom emailed him with some questions and concerns and he had a good response and did it promptly. After hearing from her and reading this opinion piece by him I do feel that he will keep his ear to the ground on what issues are important to all the different people who make up KC. We shall see. Another vote in his favor, IMHO, is the fact that our current Mayor doesn't seem to like him.

As for city council positions they all seem to be a bunch of liberals and so it appears to be a wash. The only Republican I know of running is Chris Byrd for 2nd District. He is a great guy and worthy of your vote but of course he isn't in my district so he won't be on my ballot. The only other advice I have is to NOT VOTE for Beth Gottstein. She listed Planned Parenthood as one of her favorite charities on a profile in the KC Star. I can't guarantee that her opponent is any better but anyone that brags that the #1 abortion provider is her favorite charity greatly concerns me.

Also, check out this expose article by Jack Cashill entitled, What the U.S. Attorneys Should Investigate: Democratic Vote Harvesting Machines and Their Deformation of American Politics. This is a must read for everyone, not just those in Kansas City because he talks about corruption in voting not only in KC but elsewhere as well.

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