Monday, March 05, 2007

I Love The Half Hour News Hour

Since my parents are in town I almost missed the 2nd episode of the show. Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter opened up the show again and it was awesome. I loved every minute of it. Make sure you watch the clip if you missed the show last night.

There have been a lot of critics of the show but its all about rating and viewers and the 1st show did very well. I look forward to seeing the numbers from the 2nd show in the hopes that it will get picked up. Here is some of what Rush had to say about how it will work as he talked to a caller last friday:
"Here's what happens. They produced two pilots. The second one airs at ten p.m. this Sunday. The shows have to generate a certain rating in order for further episodes to be ordered. The rating, of course, will determine spot rates. The program has a cost. The cost has to be met, with a little profit thrown in. So it all depends on how well they rate as to whether more episodes will be ordered. I'm privy to a little bit of this that I can't repeat right now. The process of getting it on the air has been something that's been going on a long, long time and there are other factors involved. I have no clue whether it's going to get picked up, by the way. I don't know that. All I know is that it got great prepublicity before the first episode aired two weeks ago. It got tremendous audience response the first night. We'll see what happens on Sunday night and probably go from there. But if it works then what will happen is there will be an order for 13 more episodes.

CALLER: Well, is the show sponsored?

RUSH: No. Well, it's tricky. It does not have a dedicated sponsor. The Fox News Channel has gone out and sold advertising in the program. But here's the difference with this. This is a program produced off site. This program was produced in Los Angeles. All Fox programming is produced in house, with existing Fox talent, existing Fox cameras, equipment, studios, and so forth. So the cost of doing a native show in the Fox News Channel is zilch. It's already budgeted.
CALLER: Is Ailes producing any of it or have much to do with the creative writing or...?

RUSH: No. Roger is not involved in any of that aspect, but he is the decision-maker.

CALLER: Well, Olbermann and others are having a ball with it, and the good news there is they're watching.

RUSH: Well, everybody in the cable news universe watched it and they poked holes in it and so forth, and as I say it even got some favorable reviews from liberal reviewers. I don't know what's going to happen with it, but I would love to see it get picked up, obviously. As I told you last time, the first episode aired and a lot of people said, “Well, yeah, I liked it, but it was too generic. I could have written more timely scripts.”

I said, “You gotta understand. These things are produced six weeks before they air. There's no way to be issue specific. They had to evergreen them.”

The second episode is much the same. It's got a lot of evergreen in it. There's not a whole lot of issue specificity to it, even though I think it's a funnier episode. We'll just have to see what happens with it on Sunday night."

The trip to Jefferson City went great and I look forward to sharing the details in the next day or two.

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