Monday, March 26, 2007

I Feel Good

It always feels good to get stuff done that has been hanging over your head. I managed to get a bunch of things accomplished this past week/weekend that I had been putting off and to top it off the weather has been in the 70's here in KC. I've noticed that I am one of those people who my mood and energy level is greatly improved when the sun comes out and the weather is nice. All of that to say I'm feeling good about life :-)!!

I'm hoping to finally put up my post later today on the Extreme Makeover here in KC. I had several glitches with my digital camera not transferring photos to my computer but I'm hoping to have it all fixed soon.

Meanwhile check out Mike's intro post over at Flopping Aces. I learned some fun things about Mike and I was impressed with Curt's wisdom on inviting Mike to be a part of the Flopping Aces team.

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