Saturday, March 17, 2007

Gathering of Eagles!!

It was a pretty exciting day for many of our fellow bloggers. The above pic is of Skye, Monica, Troll and one of our heroic soldiers. Joining those 3 at today's event were Cajun Tiger and Always on Watch. They were all a part of Gathering of Eagles which was a pro-America counter-protest to the anti-war protesters which were at Washington D.C. today. One of their main objectives was to keep protesters from defaming any monuments.

Fox News seems to be the only ones reporting about the huge counter-protest. Cajun Tiger reported that he thought there were as many of the Eagles as the anti-war protesters, if not more. As I listened to Fox News today they were saying the same thing. Yet C-span covered the vitriol of the anti-war protesters but not the Eagles. To voice your displeasure to C-span go here.

I love the fact that the bikers are on our side. Skye showed the toughness of a biker when she got between one of our vets and an anti-war protester. You go, Skye!!

I had a hard time finding articles about the our side of the event. The one article I did find was all about the anti-war protesters and included these 2 lines about the Eagles:
Vietnam war veterans wearing black leather jackets and their families gathered nearby for a counter-demonstration.

Some war supporters confronted the peace activists, tearing up and spitting on anti-war signs while chanting: "USA! USA!"
Yet liberals are still trying to convince us that there is no bias in the Drive By Media. Unbelievable!!

Mike did an awesome job of covering the event live having Skye, Cajun Tiger, Monica and Troll reporting to him all day. He did 5 excellent posts. Be sure to check all of them out. I'm sure the bloggers who were there will post more once they have time to re-coup so make sure to continue to check their blogs.

All in all it sounds like it was an awesome day. The Eagles accomplished their mission of protecting our monuments and showing the rest of the nation that there are a lot of us who still support our soldiers, Bush, finishing this war and protecting our country from terrorists. I am very proud to call our fellow bloggers who were there friends and I was there with them in spirit.

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