Tuesday, March 13, 2007

2008 Candidate Highlights

1) McCain is snubbing more conservatives and his campaign is sinking like the Titanic.

2) Chuck Hagel cracked me up by announcing today that he will not announce his candidacy yet. As Hannity pointed out, how arrogant to have a press conference to announce nothing!! Chuck Hagel has no prayer of getting the nomination unless he is planning on running as a Democrat. I can save Hagel time and money right now by urging him not to even consider running for the Republican nomination.

3) Fred Thompson looks like he may actually jump into this race. I like Thompson and when Rush pointed out all his positives today I would seriously consider supporting him. He is probably my 2nd favorite right now after Rudy and as many have pointed out he would make an excellent VP for Rudy. He could help alleviate many social conservatives' concerns.

4) Ron Paul declares he will run for the Republican nomination as well. I had never heard of this guy until some fellow bloggers brought him to my attention. He is great on immigration and some other issues but he doesn't have much name recognition and I won't even consider him because he was one of 17 Republicans that voted for us to lose in Iraq.

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