Tuesday, January 30, 2007

When NBC TV Attacks

Liberals Finally Grasp Power of Ann Coulter

GG posted on an issue yesterday that really got my blood boiling. It is not enough for liberals that they control most college campuses, all the news channels except for Fox News, most newspapers, most of Hollywood and now Congress. They still have to take every chance they can get to bash conservatives. Most of you know that I love movies and certain TV shows. I put up with some political correctness at times and if I like an actor/actress I try not to mesh their idiotic political views with the fact that I like their movies. Yet there are certain things that just drive me over the edge.

A perfect example would be the show Law & Order. As Patrick always says he used to love the show until it turned commie. Truer words have never been spoken. One of the reasons I was initially drawn to Law & Order was because they were very justice oriented and not politically correct. I'm not sure when exactly things started to change but they went from one extreme to the other. It was after Benjamin Bratt & Angie Harmon (my 2 favorites) both left. Angie Harmon is a conservative in real life and I don't know if she saw the PC stuff coming but the change happened not long after she was gone.

I have never done a thorough check but I'm convinced that they must've changed their writers. Episode after episode they began to bash conservatives in a very blatant, offensive way. One episode was all about this guy that they made out to be the devil incarnate and it was totally supposed to be about Bill O'Reilly. Then there was the episode where they demonized 2 people who were clearly supposed to be Curtis Sliwa and Chuck Norris. I had enough and I wrote NBC a letter and complained and I've never watched a new episode of Law & Order since. My mom told me that after I stopped watching that they did this episode that was supposed to be about Terri Schiavo and they made the parents out to be these awful people. Just completely despicable.

I remember another show bashing Drudge, and ER did many episodes bashing the President and the U.S. because we haven't done enough to help the people in Darfur. Of course, they never mention anything about the UN or any other country being responsible. Its always the evil U.S.'s fault.

So this latest incident that GG was referring too just put me over the edge. Crossing Jordan started out as a fairly decent show but I quickly lost interest and stopped watching. Thank goodness because their latest attack would've sent me over the edge not to watch anymore. They didn't even pretend to be referring to someone else they blatantly bash Ann Coulter. Watch the video clip that I have at the top and then email NBC if it makes you as mad as it did me. What do all 3 shows that I have talked about have in common? They are all on NBC. NBC obviously doesn't have any qualms about offending conservatives. Maybe its time they heard from a bunch of us. I don't watch any current shows on NBC and this just motivates me not to start watching any.

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