Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Republican Options for 2008

I was graciously invited to be a contributing blogger over at The Astute Bloggers which is a group blog with lots of good stuff. There are bloggers from Israel, Australia, New York and other places and now Missouri. Check it out!! The following is my first post that I did for them:

I did an extensive post at my blog on why I vehemently despise John McCain and don't want him to get the Republican nomination in 2008. So who would I support?

First of all, I wish we had better choices. I am a pro-life, conservative Christian and I wish we had someone more Reaganesque. We don't, so here is my take. Brownback and Huckabee are conservative enough for me but not presidential IMHO. Brownback proved my point recently by not supporting Bush's troop surge. Mitt Romney is trying to cater to conservatives but I have a contact in Massachusetts that knows Romney's true colors and they aren't those of a genuine conservative.

So who does that leave? If forced to pick right now my 2 choices would come down to Newt and Giuliani. I'm concerned about some of Newt's baggage but he is a genuine conservative and I think he has what it takes to be president. As for Giuliani, I love this man. If he was more conservative on social issues he would be my first choice by a long shot. He is still an option for me though because it boils down to 2 issues, the War on Terror and Supreme Court Justices. I think he would be stellar on both of these.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out but my mantra as always is, "Anyone but McCain!!!"

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