Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year's Wishes--Part 3

GG gets to go on a Sports Cruise that Zell Miller and Ann Coulter also go on so he gets to talk sports and politics all week while having a vacation at the same time.

Wordsmith gets a vacation at a cabin where he has unlimited DVDs of "South Park" and "Space: Above and Beyond" and lots of political books.

Bullfrog gets to go with his family to a Christian resort where there is no work for mom and dad, just lots of wholesome fun with the family!!

Wyatt gets to go on a trip with his hockey buddies with all the usual food, drink and lots of 24, Battlestar Galactica and Prison Break DVDs.

Jimmyb gets a vacation at a Shooting Resort (of course)!!

Ron will be vacationing at a Christian Golf resort where there will be lots of single, Christian ladies!!

Neo gets his vacation at a Neo-Catholic resort (don't you just love how many of these different resorts I've created ;-)?).

Don gets a week at Disneyworld with his wonderful grandkids!!

BZ has been on several vacations recently so my wish for him is that he is able to help elect some representatives that will help secure our border.

My wish for Rob is that he will be able to replace all those socialists in Canada with Conservatives, at least in Alberta!!

Shane gets his wish of Newt Gingrich officially throwing his hat in the ring for the Republican nomination for President. I bet this is one of the few wishes that actually comes true :-)!!

Last but not least we have Shoprat who gets to go to a reading/writing resort where he can do both to his heart's content.

Happy New Years everyone!!! May your dreams and wishes come true this year!!

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