Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year's Wishes--Liberal Edition

Toon Credit: Mike Shelton

It took me awhile to do my New Year's Wishes' posts so when I was finally done I was bummed to realize I had completely neglected my resident liberals. It crossed my mind to do a special liberal edition and then Dave brought it up so I decided I had to do it. Although, I think he's right that you guys already got your wish in that the Dems took back control of congress. Nevertheless I wouldn't want anyone to feel neglected. My first wish of course would be for you all to become conservatives but here are the others.

Tony isn't one of my resident liberals but he is the nice local guy who despite being a liberal is sweet and links to my blog a lot. He was very hard to come up with a wish for since I refuse to post a scantily clad girl for him. However, in the process of trying to come up with a wish I did come up with a very cool idea that I think would be great for both us.

My wish for him would be for him to have a local radio show but I would share it with him. He would be the liberal and I would be the conservative and it would be like a local Hannity and Colmes. He sees life with the glass half empty and I see it half full. He likes my passion and I like his humor so it would be perfect. My only thought is that could I resist throwing a coffee mug at him like Elizabeth Perkins did to Kevin Bacon on the movie He said, She said? The movie has Bacon as the conservative guy and Perkins as the liberal woman writing opposite opinion columns and then they have a talk show together. Towards the end of the movie she gets so mad at him that she throws a coffee mug at him on the air. I'm sure I could resist doing that although I think my most frequent comment would probably be, "Tony, you don't really believe that do you?" :-)))

Toon Credit: Holbert

For Kirk I want to start off by saying that he did have dibs on being Colmes so lest he be disappointed he's first in line for when I get a national show ;-)!! Seriously though he gave me a very cool wish:
"My wish for you is that Karl Rove calls you up and says, "Dee, I need some advice. The president needs a boost and Sean's advice hasn't been working lately. We are looking for what the common folk are thnking."

You then get to spend 4 days/3nights in a super secret retreat at Camp David with Rove, Mehlman, Gingrich, Cheney and others discussing domestic policy.

He mentioned that he didn't need any wishes because his kids were good and thats all he wanted. So my wish for him is for him to have lots of great time with his kids this year and that they would be happy, healthy and safe.

James recently got married and only got to take a mini-honeymoon so my wish for him is that him and Jamie get to go to a Football resort. There will be lots of great football stuff for James and normal resort stuff for Jamie.

Dave also likes football and runs a missions ministry. So my wish for him would be a cruise that combines both Football and Evangelism. How great would that be ;-)?

For Left Coast my wish would be similar to Kirk's. For him and his family to have a great, happy, healthy and safe year!!

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