Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Dream Candidates

"To be honest with you, there's nobody out there that revs me up, so why should I pretend that there is?"--Rush talking about our current crop of Republican candidates for 2008

Joia asked me who my dream candidates were since I'm not thrilled with our real choices for 2008. I thought that sounded like a very fun post to do. I thought about it for awhile and wondered if there was anyone I considered ideal and it didn't take long for JC Watts to come to mind.

1) JC Watts--I can't say enough good things about this man. He gave the Republican response to Clinton's 1997 State of the Union address. I was so impressed with the speech I remember taking notes and just thinking, "Wow! This guy is awesome!!" He meets all of my requirements and he is a very likable guy with wonderful charisma. Here is an excerpt from a bio about him:
"Watts earned a solid reputation in Oklahoma and throughout the nation as a perceptive and passionate spokesman for improving and redeveloping communities, exercising fiscal discipline, strengthening education, restoring values, and bolstering national defense. In Congress, he served on the Armed Services Committee and was a member of the Military Readiness Subcommittee and the Procurement Subcommittee. Taking the lead on one of the most important issues of the day, Watts served on the Special Oversight Panel on Terrorism."
He is a pro-life Christian who believes in all of the above. I can't think of an issue I've ever disagreed with him on although I'm sure there has to be some. If Watts was running I would be begging to work on his campaign. He would be my first choice by a long shot.

2) Jeb Bush--Amazingly I thought I disagreed with Jeb on more issues than I do. I just checked this link to see where he stood on the issues and I agree with him on almost everything. The only issue that bugs me is that he has thwarted drilling off the Gulf of Mexico. Otherwise there was no major issue I had problems with. He was exceptionally great on pro-life issues, crime and he supports school vouchers which is a HUGE issue for me. Ironically if he wasn't a Bush I think he would be the top contender for 2008. Not only is he a stellar conservative on the issues he has real charisma and a likability to him.

Nobody else is immediately coming to mind so let me know your thoughts and who your dream candidate would be.

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