Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Bad News for Claire

Antonio French and John Combest are both on top of a recent breaking news story. It seems State Representative John Bowman has been indicted on both bank and credit card fraud charges. What does that have to do with Claire McCaskill? She has some pretty strong connections to John Bowman. Here is an excerpt from an article written in The St. Louis American:
"Following campaign finances is always a lot of fun. Here are some of what shakes out of the McCaskill campaign financials.

In August and September, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic National Committee started sending large sums of money into the Missouri Democratic Campaign Committee’s federal campaign account.

Out of the Missouri Democratic State Committee’s federal campaign account,“Bowman’s Consulting” received $10,580 on 9/1/06, and then $6,000 on each date of 9/14, 10/02, 10/16, 10/31 and 11/15; and $10,000 on 11/16.

“Bowman’s Consulting” was filed as a business by state Rep. John L. Bowman with the Missouri Secretary of State on April 7. That is a lot of jack that Bowman raked in to deliver the vote."

Also, according to this article he was running her campaign in the St. Louis area:
"According to Missouri state Rep. John Bowman (D-70), who is coordinating the McCaskill campaign for the St. Louis city and county area, the answer is yes. He told the World, “We are running one helluva ground campaign."

On a final note Gateway Pundit points out that while McCaskill pretended to be an independent during her senate race her voting record already shows that to be a complete lie. What a shock!! If I could just get those swing voters on the phone now. Sigh... Here is just a sample:
* Skipped freshman orientation for a vacation in Indonesia (at least thats what I hear) - it was somewhere exotic.
* Hired a lobbyist as her Chief of Staff.
* Applied for exception to the rule status for unlimited fundraising limits. Who says you cant claim independence and get paid millions by lobbyist?
* Take rides on hubby’s planes - aka “Claire Force One” - while complaining about others taking private planes.
* By my count Claire has voted with Harry Reid 24 out of 26 times.
* Voted against reforming the FEC act of 1971 to indian tribes (this should be noted because the abramhoff scandal was directly tied to indian tribes).
* Voted against prohibiting committee and leadership PACs from employing a spouse or immediate family member of any candidate or Federal office holder connected to a committee (hello Roy temple and company complaining about Congressman Blunt).
* Voted against clear identification of ear marks (thats pork spending folks).
* Voted against protecting free speech by not stripping out section 220 of a senate bill which would have forced preachers, bloggers and anyone who “influenced” more than 500 people to register as lobbyist.
* Voted against protecting small businesses and providing them tax breaks to allow for them to better cope with the minimum wage increase.
* Voted against allowing states flexibility to determine minimum wage.
* Voted against basing the federal minimum wage via applicable state minimum wages.

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