Friday, January 19, 2007

LMC's Smorgasboard

Toon Credit: Paul Nowak
Hat tip: Wordsmith

I absolutely love this cartoon. Make sure to click on it to enlarge so you can read it better.

1) Clarification on my views on Rudy Giuliani

I knew some might be upset and/or disappointed in my comments about Giuliani in my last post. Let me clarify that I don't know yet whether I could go into the polling booth and pull the lever for him because of his liberal, social views. Here are some of my comments though that might help some of you understand better where I am coming from. I made these in the comments section of my last post:
"I don't know how to explain it other than I have gut dislike for McCain and I have a gut love for Giuliani.

I agree with Mike that you can trust what he says and that he has stellar leadership abilities when it comes to the War on Terror. When it comes right down to it no other issue is going to matter if we are all dead from a terrorist attack.

I also think that most of the moral issues come into play in the nomination of judges and Supreme Court justices and I think that Giuliani could be trusted to pick strict constructionists that would make great strides for us in the moral arena.

My other thought is that he would surely pick a strong conservative to be VP.

I'm still not saying that I could vote for him its just that as our choices get slim he's looking better and better.

I also talked to my very conservative Pastor about it and was shocked to hear that he can't stand McCain either but would consider voting for Giuliani. I think thats when I started thinking of him as a possibility. I do know this that if it came down to him or McCain I would pick Giuliani in a heartbeat."

2)Quote of the day

"Abraham Lincoln would've ended the civil war in defeat if he had listened to polls."--Newt Gingrich talking about the Iraq War on Hannity and Colmes.

3) You go Jim DeMint!

Mike has an awesome post with video of Senator Jim DeMint taking on Harry Reid and winning. Mike also totally cracked me up by referring to Lindsey Graham as John McCain's Mini-Me. That will officially be Graham's new nickname as far as I'm concerned.

4) Chuck Hagel officially sucks!!!!!

5) McCain Tanking in New Hampshire--yah!

6) My post on Evangelicals Embracing Global Warming
--Includes Rick Warren's 3rd strike!

7) Awesome GOP video

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