Friday, January 05, 2007

LMC's Man of the Year and New Year's Wishes!!

I tried to reflect on this past year and decide who I would want to be my pick as Man of the Year. Mike picked Donald Rumsfeld and I probably would've picked him too but I wanted to think of someone else to honor. I decided to pick Rick Santorum because he embodies all of what is good about conservatives. He is a man of faith, integrity and we will never forget his heated conversations with Barbara Boxer over when life really begins. He didn't deserve to lose on November 7th and it was a deep disappointment to me that he did. I think I was more upset about him losing than a lot of other things that happened this last election. Several positions have been brought up as future possibilities so it will be neat to see in what way he serves down the road. He will be greatly missed in the Senate.

RT did this neat thing of giving cyber Christmas presents. Since I didn't get a chance to do that I thought it might be nice to come up with a couple of New Year's Wishes for some of my blogging buddies. I'll do a couple today and some more later on and into next week.

Since I got the idea from RT I will give out my first wish to her. I give her the cyber wish of getting to go to a spa for a whole stress-free week where she will be spoiled with massages, lots of great music and Linc as her personal trainer ;-).

My wish for Patrick is a week of vacation where he can sit on his big porch in his rocking chair stress-free. No work, no druggies to kick out of the motor home park, just time to reflect and enjoy nature.

For Mike I grant him the wish of someone other than McCain getting the Republican nomination and the Republicans taking back control of congress in 2008 (this obviously could be for me as well :-)).

Becky gets a week at a Science Resort (I don't think there is such a thing but it sounds good). While there she meets a hunky, conservative guy that is totally into science experiments too ;-).

Timothy gets a week away in a secluded cabin with his commentaries and seasons 2-5 of 24. He can get his Jack Bauer fix in and be ready to watch season 6 on January 14th :).

Stay tuned for more wishes...

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