Saturday, January 27, 2007

Backstabbing McCain Strikes Again

Toon Credit: Glenn McCoy

Wordsmith gave me the heads up that McCain was at it again. He seems to be more than willing to strike another "Gang of 14" compromise. Here are some of the details:
"The Republican senators urging " a deal" to allow the Democrats to get a vote on Biden without getting the 60 votes for cloture clearly do not believe General Petraeus or Secretary Gates or don't care about stopping an "encouragement to the enemy." Instead of demanding that republican senators not vote for cloture, John McCain is joining John Warner in seeking a "compromise" on this issue, Gang of 14 style, that will end up handing the Democrats what they want --a victory on the Biden resolution. If Mitch McConnell agrees to this deal, he will be signaling the GOP base that nothing --nothing-- has changed in D.C. when it comes to the Senate Republicans.

What part of "encouragement to the enemy" don't the Republican senators understand? They can stop the Biden resolution, or at least do the public the service of illuminating which republicans are willing to join Democrats in providing that encouragement. There is no valid reason --none-- to agree to cloture."

More details:
"Americans who are serious about the war cannot tolerate the Biden/Warner resolutions, and sense in John McCain's attempt to produce another "Gang of 14" deal not seriousness but opportunism. If Senator McConnell steps forward and simply declares these are not maneuvers worthy of a great country in a time of war, he will have the esteem and gratitude of those who are serious about the war. He and the other serious senators might lose --there might be 11 Republicans willing to expose themselves as defeatists who would join Democrats in voting for cloture on the Biden resolution.

But the Republican senators might actually wake up to the reality that the Republican Party supports victory in the war, and act accordingly. The GOP senators ought to fight their political battles with at least one-tenth the effort for victory as the hundreds of thousands of Americans have fought real battles in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Contact Republican senators urging them to block Biden/Warner/McCain:
Please tell the candidates in the ’08 cycle especially –Alexander, Collins, Coleman and Smith and would be presidential nominees McCain and Brownback—that a vote for the Warner resolution is the end of support for them and the NRSC.

Senator Alexander’s phone: (202) 224-4944. His e-mail is here.

Senator Brownback’s phone: (202) 224-6521. His e-mail is here.

Senator Coleman’s phone: (202) 224-5641. His e-mail is here.

Senator Collins’ phone: (202) 224-2523. Her e-mail is here.

Senator McCain's phone: (202) 224-2235. His campaign e-mail is here.

Senator Smith’s phone: (202) 224-3753. His e-mail is here.

Senator Voinovich's phone: (202) 224-3353. His e-mail is here.

Senator Warner's phone: (202) 224-2023. His e-mail is here.

The GOP leadership, which need to announce that no resolution will voted on that encourages the enemy, and that includes the Warner resolution or any cousin of the Warner resolution:

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s phone is (202) 224-2541. His e-mail is here.

Minority Whip Trent Lott’s phone is (202) 224-6253. His e-mail is here.

Senator Jon Kyl’s phone is (202) 224-4521. His e-mail is here.

Senator John Ensign’s phone is (202) 224-6244. His e-mail is here.

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