Monday, January 22, 2007

Another Smorgasbord

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I usually don't do smorgasboards this close together but there is a lot of good stuff to link to.

1) The above video is a classic. I never knew much about Danny Bonaduce except that he was a child actor. He is now one of my new hereos. He takes on this 9/11 conspiracy theorist guy and doesn't hold back. Click here to see Wordsmith's other great video find. He has a video up of SNL's mock version of Chris Matthews interviewing Hillary. It is way too close to the truth.

2) Check out my post on Homeschooling & the Culture War

3) Skye has written an awesome letter and sent it to ALL U.S. Senators. I encourage all of you to jump on the bandwagon and send a similar letter. I know I'm planning on sending one to my 2 senators, especially since 1 of them is now a Democrat.

4) I will be taking my first crack at liveblogging tonight at Prison Break Central. Please join us for the fun. It is soon to be a blog run by 4 very cool chics, so come check it out.

5) My view on the comments about the Missouri Kidnapping case:
I have been very concerned and disturbed by comments made by many about Shawn Hornbeck. He was missing for 4 1/2 years and there have been reports that he had some freedom and even had chances to talk to police. Bill O'Reilly who is one of the biggest advocates for abused children has said some of the most moronic things I've ever heard. He gave some kind of speech about how maybe the kid enjoyed not having to go to school and playing video games so he didn't attempt to escape. Hello???? The creep Michael Devlin has kidnapped 2 boys that we know of and is the prime suspect in similar disappearances of other children. The authorities found child pornagraphy on Devlin's computer so we know he didn't kidnap these boys just for surrogate sons.

He was a sex offender who most likely sexually abused both boys and tortured and threatened them in ways that we can't imagine. Does Bill O'Reilly really think that Shawn didn't mind being tortured so he could play video games? What kind of torn logic is this? It scares me to think of how bad the brainwashing and torment must've been for Shawn to be that scared of escaping. I have heard many times about how these monsters tell their victims that they will kill their parents and other unimaginable things if they even think about escaping. When Shawn was first kidnapped he was only 11 years old. Who knows the amount of damage that was done to him in those 4 years. The fact that people are now criticizing him for not trying to escape just is bewildering to me.

O'Reilly talks about how he thinks this needs to be a lesson for other kids, blah, blah, blah... What lesson? I just can't believe the thinking here, it makes no sense to me.

I don't know what happened to Shawn. I don't know if he was a victim of Stockholm syndrome or if he was just tormented and brainwashed. But whatever happened to him I don't think he stayed to be a sick man's sex toy so that he could avoid going to school and be able to play video games.

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