Tuesday, January 16, 2007

24 Goes Nuclear

Okay, so I know I should be posting about what is going on in Somalia or how ecstatic I am about Dobson's comments on McCain or Bush's great radio address but alas, I must talk about 24 first. I will get to all those hot topics later this week.

Spoiler alert!!

The first 4 hours of 24 did not disappoint. Even though Jack has been held captive by the Chinese for 2 years he comes off the plane in rare form. He looks great despite his burned hand and the whip marks on his back. Being the compassionate conservative that I am I felt his pain. It reminded me of Billie telling everyone that they needed to stop hurting Sawyer on Lost. Its just wrong to hurt Jack!!

There are always people for you to love and people for you to hate, its a show that evokes passion and thats why I love it!! So far I can't stand the creepy white house aide whom Dave Barry affectionately calls the weenie from Ally McBeal. Nor can I stand the National Security Advisor who is married to our beloved Bill Buchanan. When I first found out the 2 were romantically involved I said ewww but to make matters worse they then let you know that they are married. Since Bill is cool and Karen isn't we are all predicting things are going to end badly for their marriage before the season is out.

Another chic that is incessantly annoying all of us at Blogs 4 Bauer is the President's sister who seems to be much more concerned with the rights of terrorists than stopping them. Sounds like a lot of liberals in real life, no wonder she's annoying!! It's a shame too because I loved Regina King in Jerry Maguire and Enemy of the State.

Speaking of the president I'm still trying to decide what I think of him in that office. He certainly doesn't come close to measuring up to his brother David who I'm still mad at Fox for killing off. David Palmer was the best TV president ever and I miss him. I digress. Anyway, Wayne certainly isn't David but he's obviously better than Logan since even I would make a better president than Logan.

So which characters do I love since I told you about all the annoying ones? Jack Bauer of course. Thus, it is extremely irritating when Jack is always right and people still refuse to follow his advice. Hello? When is Jack ever wrong?? I also like Buchanan and Chloe is always in rare form and you can't help but enjoy her. Although I'm finding it hard to believe she has men fighting over her.

Also, I must point out that one of the smartest people on the show last night was a woman. We women always have to come to the rescue. There was a family being held captive by a terrorist and the mom was the only one smart enough to call the police. The husband thought it was smart to listen to a terrorist, not call the police, kill an innocent man and deliver a package to dangerous terrorists!! Thus, he's partially to blame for the nuclear bomb actually going off. I'm still in shock about that one.

The other big shock was Jack going all vampire to escape from his captors. A little gruesome for me but I guess he was just trying to relive his Lost Boys days. All in all I can't wait till next week. It'll be a full night with Prison Break first and 24 following. Lots of liveblogging all in one night.

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