Monday, December 11, 2006

Kofi Annan Speaks in KC

Toon Credit: Glenn McCoy

When I read this in the paper yesterday I thought I was going to be sick. Kofi Annan is going to make his last major speech as secretary-general here in Kansas City today. It is going to be at the Truman museum. I've been to this museum many times and there are a lot of things I love about Truman but his role in the founding of the United Nations is not one of them.

While there Annan is going to sit down and do an interview with Mike Wallace for "60 Minutes". Since "60 Minutes" never does any pro-American shows we can only imagine what this one will be like. RINO extraordinaire Senator Chuck Hagel is attending and will be introducing Annan. In otherwords its going to be a liberal love fest here today.

It is enough to test my gag reflexes. This man has done nothing to aid the people who desperately needed the UN's help in Rwanda and Darfur. He presided over the UN during the Oil for Food scandal which his son was directly involved in. The UN has become one of the most corrupt and worthless organizations and Kofi Annan is a huge part of that. Yet we have people here in KC saying that "Kofi Annan has inspired people all over the world..." Inspired people to do what?

The KC Star did briefly mention among all the "excitement" here in KC about his coming that there might be some protestors. Ya think?

I found this article (which I link to below) where it describes the fact that Annan plans on bashing Bush in his speech. What a shocker!!

Kofi Annan to Deliver Harsh Criticism of Bush in Speech

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