Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Smorgasbord

I've been out of the loop for awhile so I thought I'd hit a couple of highlights before wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!

1) My wonderful Senator Kit Bond is replacing Senator Pat Roberts as Vice-Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. In the midst of all the bad news for the 110th Congress this was encouraging. Even though Roberts is a Republican I have never been a big fan of his. He is from Kansas and the the KC Star endorsed him in '02. I was surprised until I learned he didn't even have a Democrat opponent. I had to laugh because they will do anything to throw a token endorsement in whenever they can. All of that to say I think Bond will be an awesome asset and improvement over Roberts on this important committee.

2) Those of us on the anti-cloning side aren't giving up the fight after barely losing against Amendment 2. Two Missouri congressman are proposing a new amendment to go on the ballot in 2008 or in a special election. Of course the supporters of Missouri's Amendment 2 are screaming to high heaven, but the reason why this needs to come up for a vote again is because the wording of Amendment 2 was intentionally misleading.


3) Appeasement didn't work for Neville Chamberlain and it won't work today. Take the time to watch this excellent video. Hat tip: Mike's America

4) Dennis Miller gives us the straight scoop once again in the link to this video. This time about Obama and the Clintons.

5) Matt is back and he posted this really neat letter that he and others in the military received from Rumsfeld. Have I mentioned how much I love this man?

6) A Winter Calvin & Hobbes. This one cracked me up because it reminds me of something that would happen at our house. Click on it to make it easier to read.

Well, I want to truly wish each and everyone of you a very, Merry Christmas!! I appreciate you all and am thankful for each one of you, even my resident liberals :-). We are very blessed in this country and I hope we can each be thank-ful for our many blessings. May God bless each and every one of our troops this Christmas and encourage them while they are away from their loved ones.

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