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Just Say No to Claire McCaskill on November 7th

"George Bush let people die on rooftops in New Orleans because they were poor and because they were black."--Claire McCaskill

"I think he's(Bill Clinton) been a great leader but I don't want my daughter near him."--Claire McCaskill

To be honest I find it hard to believe that Claire McCaskill is giving Talent such a run for his money. Patrick commented that he was surprised that the race was so close because he thought Missouri was a red state. It is but St. Louis is a hotbed of liberalism and to some extent so is Kansas City depending on what county you are in. But the reason I can't believe the race is so tight is because McCaskill is a complete liberal and she has some issues in her past.

McCaskill's Past

She was Jackson County Prosecutor here in Kansas City from 1993-1998. I personally talked to a man who was severely injured by a drunk driver and McCaskill never went after the driver. He said he wasn't the only one who had a bad experience with her not prosecuting criminals. She was notorious for being soft on crime. Check out this link for Claire's appalling record as Jackson County Prosecutor. "By 1996 Jackson County was nicknamed the Meth capital of the world."

And an interesting comparison between Talent and McCaskill is that Talent has led the way of being tough on meth users whereas McCaskill was investigated for 4 years of being a meth user. Add to that her first husband who was arrested for drugs and who died last December in a suspected drug related murder. Now, I will give her credit for divorcing the guy in 1995 but it all just seems a little shady. Here is an excerpt from an article entitled, "Slums, drugs and spousal abuse":
"Connecting the dots over Claire McCaskill’s past is not a difficult task. While a prosecutor, her husband at the time, friend, and employee were arrested for drugs, and she was investigated. While the State Auditor, McCaskill’s husband at this time was heavily invested in spuriously run businesses which fell under her supervision.

With this kind of track record, who will Claire McCaskill choose to consort with next, should she become a Senator – and how will her increasingly poor decisions affect the rest of us, should she ascend to a position of even greater power, influence, and scope?

At a time when the mantra “culture of corruption” is on the lips of every Democrat this side of the Potomac, what will the historically corrupt – both morally and professionally – Claire McCaskill fall into, and with whom will she associate, should the voters of Missouri be so blinded by her “values” act that they actually send her to Washington?"

McCaskill on the issues

Weak on National Security

--She supported the release of classified info about listening to terrorists' conversations by the NY Times.
--She wants to cut and run in Iraq.
--She doesn't understand why we need the Patriot Act.
--She doesn't think a border fence is going to help solve the immigration problem.
--She is against Missourians having the right to carry a concealed weapon to defend themselves

Supports Abortion

--She is a recommended candidate by the group Emily's List
--She did double speak about partial birth abortion during her debate on Meet the Press. She said she is against it except she wants exceptions for the life of the mother. Numerous medical doctors have said that partial-birth abortions are never necessary to save the life of the mother and that in fact they are more dangerous than just giving birth. But by claiming she wants these exceptions (which she knows would negate the effectiveness of the ban) she can say that she is against partial birth abortion and not appear so barbaric.

Didn't Support Missouri's Marriage Amendment
--Over 70% of Missourians voted for the Marriage Amendment in 2004 putting her at odds with the majority of Missourians on this issue.


In conclusion I would like to bring up some of my annoyances with Claire McCaskill. She is a typical liberal in that she is very feelings oriented and has all these political slogans that just drive me nuts. Her hope for cures mantra in regards to embryonic stem cell research doesn't convey any truth or facts, just sentiment not based on any real evidence that it will provide cures at all. She has called herself the "daughter of rural Missouri" numerous times in an effort to cater to rural voters where she is weak on support, gag!! She keeps bringing up the fact that her and Talent are competing for Harry Truman's senate seat. And then she talks about how Truman was critical of how money was being wasted during World War II as an example of how it is patriotic to be critical of Bush and the War. They are 2 completely different issues and I love Harry Truman and I can guarantee you Claire McCaskill is no Harry Truman, not even close!! So on November 7th just say no to Claire McCaskill and yes to Jim Talent.

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