Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vote No on Missouri's Amendment 2-- Update

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"Stem-cell research on embryos is an even worse excuse for the slaughter of life than abortion. No woman is even being spared an inconvenience this time. … It's just harvest and slaughter, harvest and slaugther, harvest and slaughter."
Ann Coulter, "Godless," page 195

I have an awesome update to give when it comes to Missouri's Amendment 2. When I was on the radio show this past tuesday the Missouri Professor George Connor said that even though the grassroots movement against Amendment 2 was incredible there was no way we could make a dent in the 60% of people who favored it. When he said that I didn't completely agree just because I'm an optimist but reality dictated that he was probably right. Well, imagine my shock and excitement when I saw a recent poll. Support for the amendment has gone from 60% to 45%!!!! Ky3 Political Notebook reported the Survey USA poll that shows these results:
45% 'Certain' Yes
36% 'Certain' No
18% Not Certain

The grassroots movement on this is incredible. Professor George Connor agreed with me that it is unbelievable and that it is in every church in Missouri. The truth is getting out about the lies in this amendment and the tide is changing. I have brought hundreds of Vote No signs to my county's Republican Headquarters and they are just flying out the door. I have also written an article for the KC Star and submitted it for the "As I see it" section where they print opinion articles from every day people of up to 350 words. I'm hoping they decide to print it. If they do I will post it here on the same day it appears in the paper, if they don't I will post it here sometime next week anyway.

My blog has been getting a lot of hits this past week of people searching for information about the amendment. Another sign that the word is getting out. Several sites have linked to me and I am encouraged that many are helping to spread the word. I was honored to have Sister Toldjah highlight the issue and link back to me. Here are her posts and some others:

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