Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Radio Debut & Missouri's Amendment 2 ads

I want to thank Open Source and Chris Lydon for the opportunity to be on the show last night. I had a great time talking about the Missouri Senate Race with Chris, Antonio French and Professor George Connor. It was a great discussion about Missouri politics and I appreciate how gracious everyone was. Here is the link to listen to the show. The first half hour has George Connor and a taped recording of Jonathan Franzen and the second half added in the bloggers (Antonio and I).

Michael J. Fox

We also talked a lot about Missouri's Amendment 2. It seems everyone was talking about Missouri yesterday and its all because of the ad that Michael J. Fox has done in support of McCaskill and Amendment 2. I can't tell you what a disappointment this is to me. I love Michael J. Fox. I was a teenager in the 80's and I loved him in Family Ties and the Back to the Future movies. But there are several things in this ad that just aren't true. First of all Dean Barnett points out that Fox leaves out the fact that this amendment is about EMBRYONIC stem cell research. Instead he just mentions stem cell research and falsely says that Talent is against expanding stem cell research (not true, he is all for expanding adult stem cell research as I am). He also says that Talent is for criminalizing the science behind this research. First of all Talent isn't for criminalizing it but the "science" he is talking about is SCNT (somatic cell nuclear transfer) which is the definition of cloning. And many would be for criminalizing cloning so it is very misleading.

Photo credit: Rush

Rush spent a lot of time discussing this yesterday and monday of this week and many have been commenting on it. On monday Rush had mentioned that either Fox was acting or off his parkinson's medicine in the ad. He probably shouldn't have said that he might've been acting but I think it was blatantly obvious that Fox purposely didn't take his medicine for this ad to up the sympathy vote. He has every right to do that but I think as many have pointed out this may give you sympathy for Fox but it doesn't endear you to McCaskill and may even backfire on her. Here is a quote from some of what Rush had to say about the whole issue:
"All stem cell research is legal today in Missouri. Jim Talent does not seek to criminalize it, as Michael J. Fox asserts in his television commercial. The truth is, Amendment 2 would put human cloning in the Missouri Constitution. Michael J. Fox is participating in this disinformation campaign."

The other tragic thing to me is that studies have shown numerous cures from adult stem cell research and absolutely none from embryonic so this amendment will use tax payer money to do research that will actually be less effective and less likely to bring a cure for people like Fox.

Response Ad to Michael J. Fox

Here is a response ad done by some actors and ball players to combat Fox's ad. To be honest as much as I love Jim Caviezel and am impressed with Patricia Heaton, Jeff Suppan, Kurt Warner and Mike Sweeney for being willing to take a stand on this moral issue I'm not overly impressed with the ad. I think its hard to get all the important points into a 1 minute ad but I would've chosen to emphasize different aspects of the amendment.

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