Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Awesome Soundbites, etc...

I'm still smiling about Lynne Cheney's butt kicking of CNN. In the past I have mentioned to friends of mine how disappointed I am that there are so few recent first ladies that inspire me. Obviously I have a lot of problems with Hillary; Nancy Reagan was never her own person and when she was her beliefs were the opposite of mine; Laura Bush is nice and you don't dislike her but she doesn't inspire anything in you and Barbara Bush has a wonderful fire in her belly but her pro-choice beliefs just disappoint me. Lynne Cheney may not be first lady but she is quite the inspiration to me. Combine her passion and outspokenness with her writing history books and you find LMC very impressed.

1) When Dick Cheney was asked what he thought about his wife's appearance on CNN he had this to say:
"I thought it was great. We refer to it around the house as the 'slapdown.' And she was very tough, but she was very accurate and very aggressive. I told her I thought it was a sterling performance."

I am extremely proud of both the Cheneys this week. I'm so impressed that Dick didn't try to backtrack or try to say that she shouldn't have been so aggressive.

2) Bill O'Reilly was talking to Juan Williams and a Republican Chic about Lynne Cheney and CNN and Juan gave a startling admission. When Bill asked Juan if he thought CNN was in the tank for the Democrats liberal Juan Williams said yes!! Bill was shocked and re-asked the question. CNN is so blatantly liberal and helping the Democrats that even Juan Williams had to admit it.

3) Well, Mort Kondracke upset me by saying that he thinks Claire McCaskill will win on November 7th. But Fred Barnes made up for it by saying that he not only thinks Talent will win but that Amendment 2 is "sinking like a stone".

Laura Ingraham on O'Reilly - Facts on the cloning bill

And speaking of Amendment 2 Laura Ingraham did an excellent job of exposing the lies that are in it on O'Reilly's show. In this clip O'Reilly asks Laura if he thinks that Michael J. Fox realizes that the amendment is about cloning and not just stem cell research. She says she doesn't know. Well, just two days ago we found out that Fox hasn't even read Missouri's Amendment 2.

Let me just re-iterate again how much I love Michael J. Fox. Family Ties was my favorite show in highschool and I love almost all his movies. I still like him but he is just wrong on this issue. I just don't know how he could put his reputation on the line to do an ad for McCaskill not having even read the Amendment that Missouri is going to vote on. I just find that irresponsible. And it makes me wonder how much he himself has been duped on this whole issue.

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