Saturday, August 26, 2006

World Trade Center

A friend and I went to see World Trade Center last night. When I first heard that Oliver Stone was going to be making a movie on 9/11 I sarcastically thought, "Yah, I'm going to watch his version of 9/11, I think not!!". Besides being a left-wing Conspiracy theorist he has never made a movie that was worth seeing IMHO.

Then the movie actually came out and I started to hear some good reviews from conservatives. That made me curious so I went to see Focus on the Family's review to see what they would say. Shockingly here is some of what the reviewer had to say:
I (like many others) questioned whether controversial director Oliver Stone (who helmed both Natural Born Killers and JFK) could possibly be trusted to honorably recapitulate the events at the epicenter of that dreadful September morning. Thankfully, Stone checked his revisionist-history and political impulses at the door. In their place, he's given us a deeply moving story of hope and fortitude. If anything, World Trade Center projects light across this black canvas in a way United 93 didn't. Voice-over remarks made by John remind us of our nation's ability to unify and of our awakened desire to help others "because it's the right thing to do."

Once I read that I knew I had to see it. My friend said she would take me for my birthday and so we went last night. I was not disappointed. I thought United 93 was extremely well done and I thought the same about this movie. It started out a little slow and I found myself thinking this is okay but not as good as United 93. But then it really took off and never lost momentum. When it comes to a topic like 9/11 I consider a movie well done if it can recapture the event enough to make me cry. I cried a lot through the last half of the movie and there were several scenes that really jumped out to me.

I am almost done with the book "102 Minutes" where it chronicles all the events between when the first plane hit the tower and when the North Tower collapsed. I am almost to the end but hadn't gotten to the part where they talk about this rescue of these Port Authority policemen. I was glad because there were things that I wasn't sure how they turned out. I have seen lots of 9/11 documentaries but none done on this particular rescue. So much of it I didn't remember and it felt like I was learning it for the first time.


It was interesting how I felt as they went from one scene to another as events played out. Hearing a TV airing Bush's words really brought the tears in full force and his voice was extremely comforting. It was the same with Giuliani. I still remember how safe I felt on that day knowing that these 2 men were in charge. The thought that we could've been going through this tragedy with Gore at the helm really made me even more thankful than ever that Bush had won the election. And on the other hand throughout the movie you heard Tom Brokaw's voice telling the news and that just had an unsettling feeling for me.

One light hearted part of the movie was when the 2 policemen were trapped beneath the rubble they were telling stories. Twice the one guy was recounting things from movies to give them hope in their situation. My friend and I just smiled and we both agreed that would be something I would do.

And probably the most striking part of the movie is when the 2 policemen finally get rescued. A former marine traveled from another state after praying about it. He knew he needed to go to see what he could do to help. He and another marine started going through the massive wreckage looking for survivors. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. When he found the policemen he said "We're the U.S. Marines and we're here to get you out." I have tears in my eyes as I write this because I can't think of any more comforting words to hear after you've been trapped for hours. You know you're dying if someone doesn't come soon you'll be out of luck and then to hear those words. After an angel or God himself I don't think I would rather hear any other words. The thought that a U.S. Marine was there to rescue me would be the ultimate thing to hear. It was a very striking and moving moment!!

The movie had you re-live some of the events of that day but it also had heart, faith and inspiration on how God can bring good out of tragedy. Many men risked their lives to rescue these 2 policemen. We saw our country come together for a time after this tragedy and we saw the good in many.

I highly recommend this movie and give it two thumbs up!!

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