Monday, August 21, 2006

Prison Break & a Meme on my Birthday

Season 1 of Prison Break came out on DVD earlier this month. My husband bought it for me the day it came out and my friend and I both re-watched the whole season. Although we had missed the first 7 episodes so those were new for us. So I'm pretty excited that Season 2 starts tonight on my birthday of all days. It's a very cool birthday present. Wyatt is a fellow Prison Break fan as well and posted on his excitement about the show returning.

The MEME of Three
(I found this at Shoprat's)

1. Things that scare me...
a. Having my kids taken away from me by some monster
B. Hillary becoming President
C. Liberal Judges

2. People who make me laugh...
a. My friend Joia
B. My friend Kelli
C. Jerry Seinfeld

3. Things I hate the most...
a. Pedophiles
B. Traitors
C. Liars

4. Things I don't understand...
a. How someone can believe in appeasement
B. How anyone can stand to harm another for their own pesonal gain
C. How anyone can intentionally hurt a child

5. Things I'm doing right now...
a. Writing on my blog
B. Making lunch for my kids
C. Listening to Rush Limbaugh

6. Things I want to do before I die...
a. Travel the world
B. Make an appearance on Fox News :-)
C. Write a book

7. Things I can do...
a. Talk about politics
B. Teach kids about God
C. Care about people

8. Ways to describe my personality...
a. Loud
B. Talkative
c. Fun

9. Things I can't do...
a. Plant flowers
B. Sew
C. Change a car tire

10.Things I think you should listen to...
a. The Bible
B. Rush Limbaugh & Sean Hannity
C. Inspirational Music

11.Things you should never listen to...
a. Air America
B. The Network News
C. Michael Savage

12.Things I'd like to learn...
a. Horseback riding
B. How to play the guitar
C. How to talk on the radio with confidence and ease

13.Favorite foods...
a. Hot wings from Wingstop
B. Rare and juicy steak
C. Vanilla ice cream with fresh blueberries/strawberries

14.Beverages I drink regularly...
a. Caffeine free Coke
B. Water
C. Milk

15.Shows I watched as a kid...
a. The Muppet Show
B. Happy Days
C. The Jetsons

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