Tuesday, August 22, 2006

LMC's Smorgasbord

Happy Birthday to my brother Matthew!! We are 3 yrs. and 1 day apart in age and we celebrated many of our birthdays together. If I had a scanner and knew how to upload photos to my computer I would post a picture of us when we were cute and young (we're still cute, just not so young :-)). He also loves Calvin & Hobbes so I tried to find the right one for him. He is studying to be a counselor right now so this one was as close as I could get.

My brother is my kids' favorite Uncle and my youngest son is named after him. So he is very special to all of us and I hope he had an awesome birthday.

My friend Kelli sent me this great pic. Bush on a Harley--it doesn't get any better than this :-)!! His poll ratings are going back up by the way. It's amazing how thwarting a significant terrorist attack brings people back to reality on what we are facing and how awesome of a job he is doing. In doing phones again tonight I had a guy lecture me on how Bush should be impeached. Yah, someone who has liberated millions of people in Afghanistan & Iraq and has kept this country safe from a terrorist attack in the U.S. for the past 5 yrs. deserves to be impeached.
Wake up people and quit swallowing the BS the MSM is feeding you!!

Season 2 of Lost comes out on DVD on September 5th. Kelli and I totally got hooked watching Season 1 on DVD and then found out Season 2 wouldn't come out for months. But the current Season 3 doesn't start until October so I should be able to make it thru Season 2 before the new season starts.

The Blogs 4 Bauer guys have launched a fun Jack Bauer for senate campaign for this fall. Jack Bauer is running for the senate in Connecticut & New York. I think New York would be a lot better off with Bauer in the senate instead of Hillary. Some of his campaign promises are: he will man the border fence, he will reinstate the death penalty, he will cut taxes and he won't cut & run!!

Neo-con Tastic has started an awesome new blogroll entitled Bloggers Against Red China. Jump on the bandwagon and join!!

Little Orange Fox outdid herself in her recent post entitled: Top Ten Reasons it's Cool to be A Republican. Take the time to check it out. I enjoyed it immensely and it reminded me I should've listed her on my list of people who make me laugh. Here is an excerpt:
10. You control the weather (and can make hurricanes skip white people entirely.)

9. You can warm the entire globe single-handedly.

8. Your car is the reason the environment is bad. Go you!

7. You started all the wars yourself. Even the ones before you were born.

6. You get cool nicknames like NeoCon.

Many bloggers linked to this list but I thought it was worth my mentioning also. It is a list of actors and others in Hollywood who all signed a statement supporting the fight against terrorism. I like to give praise when it is due. Here is an excerpt from the statement:
"If we do not succeed in stopping terrorism around the world, chaos will rule and innocent people will continue to die. We need to support democratic societies and stop terrorism at all costs."
Bruce Willis was on the list and he continues to impress me more and more with his recent actions.


1) A quote about the upcoming documentary (uh-hem) by Michael Moore: "We expect it will be one-sided and biased, just like his other documentaries." Ya think????

2) McCain stabs Republicans in the back yet again for something like the 101st time.

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