Thursday, August 31, 2006

LMC's Crazy Insanity Smorgasbord-Part 1

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My life is insanely busy right now and I should be cutting back on blogging but here I am. There is definitely something to the theory that blogging can be addictive ;)!! This is my last week before starting school w/my kids next week. I started out with 26 things on my list that had to be done by week's end and I'm down to 14. That sounds good but I'm still feeling a bit overwhelmed. But reality dictates that my life won't slow down until after the November 7th elections.

One of the reasons I can't tear myself away from blogging is there are a lot of hot topics going on right now that I can't resist talking about. When Wyatt links people up he calls it pimpin'. I obviously can't use that word here on my mostly family friendly blog ;-) but that word did come to mind for this post and my part 2 since I'm going to be linking to 4 of Mike's posts. It just happens that he's good at writing comprehensive posts on the hot topics and he covered a bunch of the bases that I wanted to talk about.

My 1st topic is about the bizarre story of John Mark Karr. Kudos to Don, BZ, Shane and others that said they thought he was just some sicko looking for attention. It appears that they were right. While working out last night I saw some show talking about how insane the prosecutor was to arrest him without any evidence. And then how ridiculous the media was to jump on the story before having any proof.

I will admit that years ago I used to have a pretty blind faith in prosecutors. I figured that 95% of the time they had to be right otherwise they wouldn't have taken the case. Over time my confidence in prosecutors being infallible is definitely going by the wayside. After seeing the prosecutors go after Rush, Delay and Libby for purely political reasons my eyes started to open. And now with this case I am incredulous. I just assumed that a prosecutor would not humiliate herself by bringing someone all the way from Thailand unless she had irrefutable evidence. But to be honest even though I am no fan of the MSM I don't blame them for jumping on this case. Everyone thought a 10 yr. old case was about to be solved and the Media knew the public would be interested. I blame the prosecutor and I apologize for jumping the gun in my first post about this case. I will be more cautious the next time.

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And speaking of prosecutors I am furious over the developments in the Plame leak case. In my original post on this topic I said this:
"The thing that bothers me the most about all of this is a man's reputation has been ruined. It won't matter now if Libby is exonerated, he has already been convicted in the court of public opinion. This criminalization of politics needs to stop."
And this is exactly what I'm steaming about today. It turns out it was Richard Armitage who leaked this information--someone who was not a part of the White House inner circle and not even someone who was favorable to the administration's policies in Iraq. Christopher Hitchens lays it all out in his article entitled: Plamegate's Ridiculous Conclusion. Mike points out in his post on the subject that a poll was done and 72% of Americans believed that the White House was involved with this leak. He included these quotes which I think are right on the money:
"I'm reminded of Ray Donovan, Secretary of Labor in the Bush Administration who was acquitted of charges of corruption. But the damage was done. Donovan famously asked "Where do I go to get my reputation back?"

Just as Secretary Donovan asked in 1987: Where do all those falsely accused in the Wilson/Plame fraud go to get their reputations back? And what about the American people? Where do we go to recover the damage done to our national security and political process by people out to undermine our democratically elected leaders?"

The media and the liberal Democrats owe the White House and Scooter Libby a HUGE apology. But I'm not going to hold my breath for one. Linda Chavez points out in her recent column that the real crime in this whole debacle has been malicious prosecution.

Rumsfeld is a man who is very high on my heroes' list. I absolutely love this man. I know that makes liberals cringe but I don't care. The man is awesome as I pointed out in my profile of him. He gave a speech this past tuesday that had I been lucky enough to be there I would have stood up and cheered. Mike posted the whole speech. It is worth your time to read it all. Here is a great quote from it:
"I believe the question is not whether we can win. It is whether we have the will to persevere.

I believe that Americans do have that steel. And that we have learned the lessons of history, the folly of turning a blind eye to danger, and of ignoring our responsibilities. These are lessons you know well -- lessons that your heroism has taught to generations of Americans."

Part 2 will have my takes on Jimmy Carter's latest rantings and Katrina and any breaking news that I think may need to be included :-).

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