Friday, August 11, 2006

The Hysterics Over Photo Ids in Missouri

You simply would not believe how the left is weeping and gnashing their teeth over the fact that you now have to have a photo id to vote in Missouri. In May the Republican Congress passed a law requiring photo ids to vote and Governor Blunt signed it into law. The KC Star has a blog and it is a topic that comes up frequently. It was brought up again yesterday and you wouldn't believe the hysterics and irrationality by the left about this topic. I couldn't hold it in and here was my lengthy response to all the whiners in the comments section:

Having a photo id to vote is just plain common sense. All of these arguments against it are so illogical.

#1--The last time this topic was brought up on this blog 2 liberals screamed that there was absolutely no proof of voter fraud in Missouri. I was able to find the proof in about 5 minutes on Google so either they are ignorant or lieing. When I presented the proof there was deafening silence as there was no response. I will present the proof again although Tsquare and Southern girl have both done a good job. Here is the link.

And here is the most relevant excerpt:

"In the balance of my testimony, I would like to focus on the events in St. Louis, Missouri, both during the election of 2000 and thereafter. I believe these events point out the real costs "Motor Voter" has imposed on the United States.

Since last fall, "Operation Big Vote" has been active in the St. Louis area as part of a national campaign -- promoted by Democrats -- to register more African-American voters and get them to the polling booth. This effort delivered 3,800 voter registration cards to the St. Louis Elections Board on the February 7, 2001, the deadline for the March mayoral primary in that city.

A cursory check of the registration cards turned up questionable names. Shortly thereafter, election board workers spent an entire day calling the names listed on the cards and found that nearly all of them were fraudulent. Many of them sought to register prominent people, dead or alive - as well as at least three deceased aldermen and a dog. The media have reported that close examinations have turned up cards that attempted to register prominent businessmen using their childhood addresses, a former deputy mayor using an old address for an alderman, and a former alderman who has been dead for years. They also found cards for convicted felons and for residents who did not seek to register themselves in the primary. The woman at the center of this vote fraud investigation "doesn't deny" that some of her canvassers may have turned in bogus voter registration cards. A grand jury convened by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce has begun interviewing witnesses regarding the 3,800 bogus registration cards. St. Louis police have obtained a warrant and searched the house of the Operation Big Vote director for evidence.

Not surprisingly, many St. Louis residents are angry that someone had registered them and knew information such as their Social Security numbers. Some of the people registered by the bogus cards told Election Board workers that someone calling himself "Big Mike" came to their homes and said he was with the Election Board and wanted to register them."

#2--It is completely free to get a photo id so explain to me how blacks and the poor are being disenfranchised?

#3--All of these irrational hysterics by those on the left just goes to show they must know their side uses fraud to win elections and thus they are worried about elections this fall where it will be harder to commit fraud. It seems to be the only conclusion that makes sense.

So who does get disenfranchised when you have to have a photo id to vote? Dead people!!

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