Friday, August 18, 2006

Do You Think I'm Stupid?

I've done political phonecalls 3 nights this week so I have all kinds of stories. I'm still laughing about the conversation I had with an 80 yr. old woman last night. First of all not to be agist but I wish there was a way to screen out any people 80 yrs. old or older. Most of them can't hear anything and so its pure torture trying to talk to them. This 80 yr. old woman was no different but not only could she not hear but she was extremely difficult and belligerent. After I spent an eternity getting her to answer my questions she starts rambling about other issues. Normally the main purpose of our calls is to ID where people are at not necessarily to engage them in debate or try to persuade them. But I couldn't take it anymore last night after hearing several callers spout about things they had obviously been indoctrinated with from the MSM. Here is how the conversation went:

Old Lady (OL):She started talking about how she was against the war in Iraq.

Me: Do you realize if we don't fight the terrorists there we are going to have more 9/ll's?

OL: 9/ll???

Me: The terrorist attack on 9/ll.

OL: You know, I've heard that they were warned about that beforehand.

Me: Thats called a conspiracy theory.

OL: (Very hatefully) Are you a Republican?

Me: Yes

OL: Okay, well let me ask you some questions. Are you against abortion?

Me: Yes

OL: Are you for making sure old people have $ for Healthcare?

Me: Yes

OL: Well, I've heard that there are people who can't pay for their healthcare and I just think thats terrible.

Me: Do you actually know these people?

OL: Do you think I'm stupid? I know what I'm talking about, I'm well educated, etc., etc...

I totally found the stupid question so funny. I was being very careful not to sound demeaning. I wasn't being hateful or combative and she was so defensive that she lept to that conclusion. It was hilarious.

I am used to people being hostile to me on the phone but its frustrating because we are very nice and if they say they don't want to do the survey we thank them for their time and we immediately end the call. We aren't pushy salesmen at all but you wouldn't believe some of the things people say to me before they even know who I am or why I'm calling. Although last night things evened out because I had an unusual guy who was very nice to me and said I sounded very sweet.

This past tuesday night I made phonecalls for Talent. Recently I've become convinced that the common belief that men are more logical than women is a complete myth. I have had several men tell me that they are voting for Claire McCaskill instead of Talent. I ask them why and they say they just like her better. Sigh...

So anyway on tuesday I talked to another illogical man. I asked him 4 questions and he was conservative on all the questions and yet he was going to vote for McCaskill who is an extreme liberal. He then goes on to question me on why I didn't ask him about the embryonic stem cell issue. I said, "Well, now that you brought it up, what do you think about the stem cell issue?" He says, "I'm strongly pro-life so I'm against it." I asked him if he was aware that McCaskill was for it. He said, "Oh, well I guess we all have our weaknesses." Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! All his beliefs that he talked about were the opposite of McCaskill's positions and the stem cell issue was important enough for him to bring up and yet he still didn't seem to care that all her views were the opposite of his. I didn't ask him why he was voting for her but what do you want to bet his response would've been, "I don't know, I just like her better."

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