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The Democrats supposedly are very confident about taking over the house and the senate this fall and are picking out curtains for their new offices. Rush pointed out yesterday that they can't be quite as confident as they are portraying themselves to be when you look at the fear they are showing in a article. Here is an excerpt from what Rush said:
"What is becoming apparent is that this bravado and confidence is nothing more than typical liberal BS."

"Here it's in It's quite lengthy and I'm not going to go through the whole thing, but the basic premise here is that there was Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004. "Here are the six states where vote suppression could cost voters their voice and Democrats the election in 2006." Now, this is interesting because up 'til now, all we've heard about is the Democrats are going to take back the House. It's a done deal, it's a fait accompli, and they're going to take the Senate, too, and then the White House in '08. Now, all of a sudden Begala and Carville are writing about, well, you know, the Republicans starting the swift boat people, the attacks are going to start, we're going to keep up with them blow by blow. (You might call that the intern vote) and now Salon is out there saying, six states out there, ladies and gentlemen (Laughing.)

Sorry. Six states out there where the Republicans are going to cheat by keeping Democrats from the polls. "Arriving in Arizona in January from Kansas City weakened by four heart attacks and degenerative disc disease, a woman by the name of Eva Steele discovered that without a birth certificate, she can't register to vote. Under a Draconian new Arizona law that supposedly targets illegal immigrants she needs proof of citizenship and a state issued driver's license or a photo ID to register, but her van and her purse were stolen in the first few weeks after she moved to Mesa and with her disability checks going to rent and medicine she can't afford the $15 needed to get her birth certificate from Missouri."

Come on! This is absurd. I don't see a whole lot of confidence in the Democrats now. Now they're starting already just now in August about how the Republicans are going to cheat, and I'll tell you what, if Art Levine wrote the story here for, and if they don't think this immigration think is a real problem in Arizona, Art, let me tell you something. The fraud that occurs in elections in this country is by Democrats in Georgia, anywhere else, they don't want photo IDs because that will eliminate fraud. So you've got the Reverend Jackson and all the others in the Democratic Party campaigning that those photo ID requirements are racist and so forth.

At any rate... "Eva Steele is unable to overcome the hurdles thrown in her way and in the way of as many as 500,000 other Arizona residents by the state's Republican politicians. But Eva Steele's plight has gotten relatively little notice from pundits and progressive activists confidently predicting a sweeping Democrat victory in November. This fall, the favored GOP suppression techniques are new photo ID laws, the criminalizing of voter registration drives, and database purges that have disqualified up to 40% of newly registered voters from voting in such jurisdictions as Los Angeles County."

Anybody ever stop to think that there might be a whole bunch of fraudulent registrations out there? There were in the 2004 race. It's about time this stuff got cleaned up. Anyway, the six states that the Republicans are going to suppress poor Democrats from voting are Arizona, Indiana, Ohio, California. California? What Republican has anything to say in California other than Arnold? What Republican runs a voter precinct in California other than Orange County? So it will be Ohio, California, Florida, and Missouri. Yes, it says here, "the Show Me State," my home state, by the way, "has an unsavory and very recent history of suppressing black votes."

Really? St. Louis keeping the polls open an additional number of hours because black voters supposedly couldn't get to the polls? This story is an entire crock. What to take from the story, ladies and gentlemen, is that all of this pumped up confidence among the Democrats that they've got this election in the bag because the country hates Bush, and they hate the war in Iraq, and they don't believe the war on terror, and they're mad they don't have health care, they're mad they don't have this and that and the gas price is three bucks, why should the Democrats need to worry about any of this stuff? Everybody hates Bush. They're going to turn it out against all the Republicans on the ballot? Ha-ha-ha! What is becoming apparent is that this bravado and confidence is nothing more than typical liberal BS."

I was excited to hear Rush talking about this because it proved my point from my earlier post, The Hysterics Over Photo Ids in Missouri. There definitely seems to be a fear by democrats if there is a cutdown on fraud. Basically these 6 states must all have new photo id requirements for the elections so Democrats are screaming that people are going to be disenfranchised. The only people that will be disenfranchised will be: felons, illegal immigrants and dead people who aren't allowed to vote.

Mike had a great post yesterday entitled, Don't Believe Polls that Say GOP Can't Win in 2006! He points out that he's not so sure that the Dems are going to take over anything this fall. I totally agree. I'm not saying it can't happen but I don't think its near as likely as the Dems would like to think.

David Limbaugh has a new book out that looks awesome entitled "Bankrupt". Here is an excerpt from a review by the Conservative Book Club:
"In Bankrupt, David Limbaugh indicts today’s Democrats using their own words. This meticulously documented book reveals just how far the Democratic party has fallen, and shows why there is little promise of redemption in sight. He details their utter failure – on the levels of both policy and morality – to come to grips with the challenge posed by the global Islamic jihad. He reveals the outright dishonesty of Democratic leaders as they dare to politicize issues of national security. He reveals how top Democratic leaders have a consistent pattern of lying about the President over the war in Iraq, shows how much damage they have done to their credibility with their carping and defeatism, and explains how their slavering hatred of George W. Bush has led them into all sorts of political blind alleys. He also lays bare the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Democratic party on judges, values, race, and the economy, exposing the Democrats as the party that is trashing the Constitution, fomenting race and class warfare, and driving the once-robust American economy to the brink of catastrophe. Our country needs a responsible opposition party — a party willing to participate in an honest policy debate — but sadly, the Democrats fall way short of the mark. In sobering, breathtaking detail, Bankrupt shows why."

Basically his point is the Republicans definitely have their issues but that the Democrats are bankrupt and it would be a disaster to have them win in the fall. Here is what Sean Hannity had to say about the book:
“Don’t ever, ever be tempted to vote for a liberal, even as a protest vote. David Limbaugh shows you why, in the most devastating critique I've ever seen of just how intellectually and morally bankrupt the Democratic Party has become. When it comes to ‘must reads’ put David Limbaugh’s Bankrupt at the top of your list.”

I think that says it all and it shows why we must work hard to make sure the Republicans stay in power this fall. Many awesome conservative senators like Rick Santorum and Jim Talent and others need our help. Are you doing your part?

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