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Politics in 2006

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I'm getting ready to do a personal post tomorrow so needed to get some politics out of my system first. But before that ages ago someone linked to this neat site where you can make your own map of the states you've been to. The states I've been to are in red. I'm not sure that it is 100% accurate because when I was a kid our family took a trip out west and I'm not positive on all the states we made it to. But this is pretty close. As you can see the main area I haven't been to is the Northeast. I don't consider that too disappointing although I would like to visit those states eventually :-).

Missouri Politics:

Missouri's Senate Race is a closely watched race in the nation this year. Jim Talent is our current strongly conservative senator who is running for re-election. Missouri is a red state but we have a lot of "Truman Democrats" and a lot of liberals who live in the cities of St. Louis and Kansas City. Claire McCaskill ran against Matt Blunt in 2004 for Governor and lost. This year she is running against Jim Talent for the senate seat. She is a hard-core liberal and I shudder to think what it would be like if she were to win this November. I was given a strong reminder of this when I was reading the KC Star's Buzz blog. The post was entitled: McCaskill: Gitmo decision "a wise one". The title alone should give you heartburn but not only does she support the rights of Gitmo detainees above the safety of the American people but she also backs the NY Times' leaks. My response was:
"Lets put these comments in an ad and see how many Missourians agree with Claire on these issues. She believes the rights of terrorists are more important than the safety of the American people. Sounds like a winning campaign to me."
There was another post of interest on the Buzz Blog about McCaskill entitled: Reno to raise cash for Claire. Do you laugh or sigh? Janet Reno was so incompetent that even Clinton was desperate for a way to fire her. I have so little respect for this woman I wouldn't vote for her for dog catcher. And somehow McCaskill thinks its a good idea to bring her to St. Louis to raise money for her. My response: Good luck with that!!!

In the awesome Missouri news department our Governor Matt Blunt was listed 3rd in Human Events' Top 10 Conservative Governors. Here are the top 10 Conservative Governors according to them:

1) Jeb Bush--Florida
2) Bill Owens--Colorado
3) Matt Blunt--Missouri
4) Jon Huntsman--Utah
5) Rick Perry--Texas
6) David Heineman--Nebraska
7) Haley Barbour--Mississippi
8) Tim Pawlenty—-Minnesota
9) Mike Rounds—-South Dakota
10)Mitch Daniels—-Indiana
And speaking of Matt Blunt here is a great article entitled: "MISSOURI GETS TOUGH ON THOSE WHO PREY ON CHILDREN". It discusses the importance of Jessica's law being passed in Missouri earlier this month. Here is an excerpt:
"It is difficult to overstate the importance of Missouri House Bill 1698, commonly known as Jessica’s Law, for Missouri children.

Gov. Matt Blunt signed this comprehensive child sex offender legislation into law on Monday. The result is that Missouri now has perhaps the toughest laws against child predators of any state in the nation.

Blunt and several Missouri legislators, including Rep. Scott Lipke, a Jackson Republican who was the bill’s lead sponsor, and Sen. Matt Bartle, a Lee’s Summit Republican who carried the bill in the Senate, worked closely with police, prosecutors, and child advocates to craft a bill that will dramatically improve our ability to prosecute anyone who preys on Missouri’s children.

At 46 pages, the bill is so sweeping that it is nearly impossible to summarize.

At the heart of the new law is a life sentence for anyone who rapes or sodomizes a child less than 12 years old. And unlike so-called “life” sentences in some states, this sentence will really stick: Offenders will not become parole eligible until they spend at least 30 years behind bars."
Missouri is now safer as a result but Bill O'Reilly lists "The most dangerous states for American kids". Here they are: Vermont, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Wyoming, Arkansas, Tennessee, Idaho and North Dakota. If you live in any of these states I urge you to contact your Governor about protecting the children in your state.

And in conclusion Benjamin Shapiro wrote an excellent article that I never got around to posting on when it first came out but it is great advice for Republicans. It is entitled: "The winning Republican message in '06: Judge the Democrats by their friends". Here is an excerpt:
"The biggest problem for Republicans is their unwillingness to go on the political offensive. The Republicans seem focused on explaining to Americans just how good they have it. And Republicans are right: The economy is up; fewer and fewer Americans are being killed in Iraq; there hasn't been a terrorist attack for almost five years. Yet Americans still have the persistent perception that something is drastically wrong. For electoral purposes, it doesn't matter why Americans are so pessimistic. The bottom line is that they are.

In a one-sided political conversation in which your opponent defines you, you will always look bad. Bringing a "new tone" to Washington wears thin when your opponent refuses to abide by the Marquis of Queensbury rules. That's why, if the Republicans want to win in 2006, they're going to have to remind Americans not only why the GOP deserves votes, but why the Democratic Party doesn't.

If Republicans want to win in 2006, they must emphasize this simple message: Judge the Democrats by their friends. They protect terrorists for political expediency; they protect illegal immigrants for political expediency; they protect Islamofascists in Iraq for political expediency; they protect those who do not work at the expense of those who do for political expediency; they protect radical abortion and homosexuality advocates for political expediency. Americans may be unhappy with Republicans, but Republicans must make clear that the alternative is a country run by those who consistently side with enemies of the American people.

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