Wednesday, June 28, 2006

LMC's News & Politics Highlights

Life has been so crazy I keep having to do these news rundowns. All this exciting stuff happens that I want to blog about but I don't have time to sit down and blog on each one so thus you get my highlights :-). First of all I blamed Mike on saturday's post for sucking away too much of my time. Now I will blame Little Orange Fox for leading me to a website where I got a bunch more of my time sucked away. She talked about this site on her blog where you could create your own South Park character version of yourself. So in case you hadn't figured it out yet this is the South Park version of Little Miss Chatterbox. I wasted way too much time fine tuning exactly what I wanted and I'm still not sure its perfect but it will have to do. Except in real life I wouldn't be brave enough to show off my belly button--I've had 4 kids after all :-)!!

Now onto the heavy stuff. I have studied the Andrea Yates case a lot!!! As with the Terri Schiavo case this one drew me in and I read a lot and learned a lot about it. In all my research I do have to say that I think Andrea Yates is probably mentally ill. Does that make me have compassion for her and think she should be in a mental hospital? No!!! This woman personally drowned her 5 children. I can't tell you how much this horrifies me especially since I am the mother of 4 children. The reason I think she needs life in prison or the death penalty is because I don't want her to hurt anyone else. Do you know how many mothers have killed their children only to be found not guilty by reason of insanity and let out years and sometimes only months later? A lot!!! And I'm not willing to take that chance.

She deserved better help than what she got before she killed them but now 5 children are dead and she's responsible. I must admit that I had an extremely negative opinion of her husband until I saw an interview with him just this past week. He explained a lot of the misconceptions and lies that had been told about him and why they weren't true. I thought he should've done more to prevent this tragedy but I'm more willing now to give him the benefit of the doubt. The only thing that struck me as odd was that at the end of the interview he was saying that him and his mother just wanted to take her out to lunch and thought they should be able to do that someday. What??? She killed all 5 of your kids!!!! His lack of emotion seems strange to me.

All of that to say that I hope this retrial comes up with the same verdict--life in prison. If she goes to a mental hospital and eventually gets out justice will definitely not have been served.

I was so proud of Bush and Tony Snow this week for giving it to the New York Times. Its about time!! I have been very proud of all those coming out against the Times' lack of regard for the safety of people's lives. They don't act like we are in the middle of a war. It is more important to trash Bush than to protect the lives of fellow Americans. It is about time they were called on to the carpet for it.

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Bush Slams Leak of Terror Financing Info and Tony Snow Says 'NYT' Should 'Take the Heat'.


1) Now that we have some sane people on the U.S. Supreme Court we've been getting some encouraging rulings recently: Death Penalty restored in Kansas.

2) A group in Missouri has led a very misleading campaign trying to get an amendment on our ballot allowing embryonic stem cell research which could lead to cloning. It is entitled "Missouri Research and Cures Initiative". They went around gathering signatures for their petition to get it on the ballot. I was approached at a public library. I specifically asked if it would involve embryonic stem cell research and was lied to and told it didn't. I refused to sign the petition because I didn't know for sure. Sure enough it does include embryonic stem cell research. My husband was approached and lied to also and was smart enough not to sign it either. I have talked to numerous people who share the same stories. Unfortunately they lied to enough people and got enough signatures to get it onto the ballot for this fall.

There is a group entitled "Missourians Against Human Cloning" that are fighting this. I encourage anyone who lives in Missouri to check out their site and see what you can do. I signed up to hand out literature at my church, put a sign in my yard, etc... The link is also in my sidebar.

3) I finally got my letter to the editor written about the KC Star not mentioning WMDs until friday and with a misleading headline. Here is the letter, I'm waiting for a friend to edit it before I actually send it to the paper:
Last Wednesday, June 21st we learned that 500 WMDs had been found in Iraq. Many of us in the blog world were quick to report on it but knew it would be ignored in the main stream media. Sure enough Thursday's edition of the KC Star didn't mention anything about it and when it was finally mentioned on friday it was on pg. 11 with a very misleading headline. Tom McClanahan wrote an excellent opinion piece that was in Sunday's paper that helped set some of the record straight. These are old weapons but the whole point is that Saddam was required to destroy all old and new stockpiles. The left has screamed that Bush lied about WMDs for 3 years now. I think it is worth more than a yawn to acknowledge that there were WMDs in Iraq and probably many more as more documents are de-classified.

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