Monday, April 24, 2006

Simple Pleasures

Well--I kicked butt this weekend. I got some weeding and pruning done outside (narrowly avoiding poison ivy). I got my house cleaned and my laundry done. I've been staying on top of my workouts and I'm trying to get the kids' school wrapped up. Its hard to juggle everything and blog :-)--I need to have 30 hour days.

Anyway, trying to stay on top of everything and jump back into blogging. My list of posts that I want to do on heavy topics is getting long. I always like to do some research for the bigger posts and it seems like I never have time. I still want to do posts on my 3rd Defense of Bush, Immigration, Iran, etc... Also 2 issues came up this weekend and today. The Clintonista CIA leaker and all the drama over how evil the oil companies are. Hopefully I will get to the Clintonista CIA leaker tomorrow but tonight I wanted to get caught up on visiting everyone's blogs.

Juanita tagged me with the 10 Simple Pleasures meme. I figured that would make for a perfect light post while I get caught up.

1) Touching someone's life with a word of encouragement or a simple hug. Being hugged, a smile or a word of encouragement from a friend or a loved one.

2) Answered prayer

3) Laughter

4) Hugs, kisses and love from my kids

5) An inspirational movie or TV show

6) The house to myself for a couple of hours

7) Going out with my husband or with my friends

8) A favorite song

9) A gorgeous, sunny day

10) A good book

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