Friday, April 21, 2006

LMC's Fun Stuff

This I just thought was funny :-)!! Anything to annoy the libs!!

This cracks me up because it so reminds me of myself. In highschool my panties always matched my outfit. But it was a little frustrating because you weren't really supposed to tell or show anyone so how would they know?? So I would proudly announce it to my mom before I left for school and she always had this worried look on her face that said "Please don't tell or show anyone else that." In fact I'm pretty sure she even said it to me a time or two :-).

I found this over at American and Proud of It. Another fun, meaningless quiz :-).

Alias was so unbelievably good this past wednesday. Vaughn is indeed alive--yah!!!! It went above and beyond my expectations. JJ Abrams did not let me down. My friends and I were very happy. My one friend and I were on the phone at 11:00 at night talking about how awesome it was. Looking forward to the last couple of episodes.

Awesome Rumsfeld link entitled "Rumsfeld Fighting Technique" courtesy of Skye and Mike.

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