Monday, April 03, 2006

Cool Pics & Mentions

I absolutely love this pic!! I found this at Skye's blog. She is new to the blogroll but we are definitely kindred spirits in how we view things :-).

Hat tip: Michael Ramirez

Hat tip: Chas Compilation & Cox & Forkum

I've found some neat pics and cartoons lately. I thought I would post a couple of them since unfortunately still don't have time to do a serious post. I also have started checking my sitemeter recently after hearing others talk about checking theirs. I find all kinds of interesting things :-). I found 1 blog that is dedicated solely to making fun of conservatives. Again I was in a good group so I took it as a compliment.

I also found I'm high on the search list when people are looking for info about Judge John Connor so that was neat. And then I found that I'm mentioned in the Washington Post, so I thought that was very cool.

Hat tip: Gayle's blog

Gotta love W's boots!!!

Hat tip: Blogs4Bauer

If Jack Bauer was real he definitely would be my first choice for '08 :-).

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