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Conservative Profile #5--Tom Delay

I'm sure this post will make the liberals howl but my blog isn't for the faint of heart :-). I must confess, I think Tom Delay is awesome. I can't say that about a lot of Republican members of Congress but I can about him. Why? Because he has a backbone, he speaks his mind and he gets things done. I love people like that.

Tom Delay has been demonized more by the MSM than almost any other person I know. Why? Because he's been extremely effective at electing Republicans and getting things done. And since the Democrats can't beat him at the ballot box they need to try and invent a scandal to defeat him like they did with Newt Gingrich and others.

Tom Delay started his career in the House of Representatives in 1978. He admits that he was an alcoholic and was living a wild life. In 1985 he became a born again Christian and his life started to go in a different direction. You have probably never heard this in the MSM but him and his wife are foster parents and his wife has volunteered as a special advocate for foster children.

For most of his career he has been a strong conservative: 100% pro-life, anti-NEA, anti-EPA, pro-2nd Amendment rights, pro-Israel. He gets high scores from places like "Americans for Tax Reform" and receives extremely low scores from places like the ACLU :-). Delay accused extreme environmentalist democrats in the senate of being "BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) environmentalists". And he was someone I forgot to thank in my Terri Schiavo post. He was very passionate about the case and had this to say, "the men responsible [for Terri Schiavo's death] will have to answer to their behavior." He was condemning activist judges like Judge Greer for their horrible decisions.

The lengths to which this man has been attacked even astounds me. When I was reading Wikipedia on him they listed 1 Citizen group supporting Delay and 9 Citizen groups that were critical of him. The Democrats have been obsessed with removing him from power because he has enabled the House to stay in Republican control for quite some time. And he has even admitted that he gets tons of indictments with no convictions because they need to come after him with phony charge after phony charge.

Pic Hat tip: Rush

Today Rush had him on his program and it was a great interview. It gave me even more respect for him. They ofcourse talked about Ronnie Earle and his ridiculous indictments. I wrote about this in an earlier post entitled "The Charges Against Tom Delay". I won't re-iterate what I wrote there but suffice it to say that I will be shocked if Delay doesn't easily beat these charges.

During the interview I realized what Delay is doing. He is sacrificing his seat for the better of his party. How many democrats would do that? Clinton didn't care how much he drug the Democrat party through the mud as long as he didn't have to eat crow and resign. And he was guilty!! By Delay stepping down he takes away a huge target for the Democrats. He could've won his seat but it would've cost a lot of $ and he wanted that to go to other Republicans. He cares more about the Republicans staying the majority in the House than he does his own career even though he is being unjustly attacked. I'm very proud of him although I think his absence will leave a huge hole in the House.

In the interview Rush asked him about the Republicans' accomplishments since Bush has been in office. Delay did a really good job of explaining how hard it is to get over 200 people to agree on anything. And this is exactly the reason I am so reticent to be overly critical of Congress or the President because they have to deal with so many things that we aren't aware of. Delay admitted that if he could've made the decisions all by himself spending would've been a lot lower, etc. Take the time to read the whole interview, he explains a lot.

Pic Hat Tip: Rush

Rush also asked him about Cynthia McKinney. Boy, again, did he tell it like it is. He didn't hold back and said that she has used the race card from day one. And he was really passionate in his defense of the U.S. Capitol Police. Apparently 8 yrs. ago 2 Capitol Police died protecting him. So he has the utmost respect for them and the job that they have to do. He said on September 11th when the members of Congress were fleeing the Capitol the Police stayed behind. It made me really appreciate how tough their job is and how despicable McKinney is for unfairly attacking them.

In conclusion I am not saying Tom Delay is perfect. I'm sure it is likely that he has skated close to the line at times in order to be effective. John McCain's ridiculous campaign finance laws have made it harder for groups to raise money and that has caused problems. But I greatly admire loyal conservatives who work hard, have great principles and speak their mind and that is Tom Delay. The Democrats may think they have won this battle but they haven't won the war, not by a longshot.

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