Friday, February 17, 2006

Psychos-R-Us Cruise # 2

Since the first Psychos-R-Us Cruise was such a big success we have already started planning a second. The first was for those with Extreme Liberal Disorder. The second is for those with Media Attention Disorder also known as MAD. It is very closely related to Extreme Liberal Disorder but it only applies to those who are in the media. Many in the Media seem to have problems getting enough attention. They seem to have this curious notion that the world revolves around them and they forget they are supposed to be objective reporters. They also have issues with liberal bias which is a component of the disorder as well.

After the media meltdown this week we at Psychos-R-Us became very concerned about the mental health and well being of many in the media. We decided that this cruise will provide the extra attention they need and as always lots of drugs and therapy. We had barely put the word out when we got our first applicant.

David Gregory didn't like it being pointed out this past week that he was an attention whore. His anger problem was evident for all to see as he yelled at the White House spokesman. He is ready for the cruise seeing as we have classes in anger management.

Andy Rooney has taken that all important first step. He is an admitted agnostic and has acknowledged that he has a liberal bias. The first step in getting help is admitting you have a problem. We commend him for being aware of his need for intensive therapy.

Terry Moran has issues with being annoying and obnoxious. We realize those aren't crimes but they are areas that need to be addressed. We have specific drugs that can address these special needs.

Lest we think that only men suffer from this disorder Katie Couric has expressed interest in joining us. She is an admitted feminist and has problems with professionalism when interviewing conservative guests. She has made inaccurate, extremely biased statements about conservative organizations such as "Focus on the Family." And when it comes to attention she thinks she deserves much more than she is owed.

We realize that there are many others that will be buying tickets in the near future. We expect that this cruise will be sold out quickly just like our first one. Please submit names of media (in the comments)you have seen that need help and could benefit from this cruise. We realize the list could be endless and that we have only barely scratched the surface by mentioning these few guests.

For more laughs check out James's Christian Cuss Out Kit. I was laughing so hard I had tears coming out.

Sources for cartoons:
1st one--Aeon Web
2nd one--Glenn McCoy

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