Monday, February 20, 2006

Main Stream Media Bias--Stuck on Stupid

This cartoon from Glenn McCoy does such an awesome job of illustrating what we are up against with Main Stream Media Bias. Grey Ghost brought up recently that: "24" needed to hire me to be their Head of Promotions. I had to smile when he said that. If I'm excited about something and passionate about it I will promote it to the hilt. So I guess Glenn McCoy also needs to hire me to promote his cartoons because I love them. They always illustrate my points so well. Today is no exception.

Again I got behind on my newspaper reading and had several newspapers to go through this weekend. The KC Star never seems to disappoint when it comes to blatant liberal bias. In looking through the papers I came across 3 blatant biases that really ticked me off. I'm sure there were more but these were the ones that stood out to me.

First was the Star's Reader's Representative's article. I am so immersed in the blog world that I just realized recently that none of the MSM was airing or printing the danish cartoons. I had seen them on so many blogs that it hadn't hit me that the regular press wasn't publishing them. I am getting more and more upset at the blatant hypocrisy of how it is okay to bash Christianity but we have to walk on eggshells when it comes to Islam. Lone Pony and Bloviating Zeppelin have both recently posted on how a newspaper actually admitted they weren't posting the cartoons for fear of what radical muslims might do to them. That is a form of terrorism in itself. The whole point of the danish cartoons was to show how intolerant and violent radical muslims are and I think their point has been proven.

Anyway the the Reader's Representative for the Star had this to say about why they didn't publish the cartoons:
"The Kansas City Star has not printed any of the Danish editorial cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. After weeks of violent reaction to the drawings overseas, readers are still debating that decision.
At least 20 persons who contacted me thought The Star should run the images instead of simply describing them.
“The purpose of your paper is to present ALL the information regarding a topic and let the readers make their decisions,” wrote Craig Davis. “If part of that information includes images, you are obligated to publish them. It’s what we do in a democracy that champions its right to free speech.”
Another common thread from the critics: The paper isn’t always consistent in judgment calls like these. Several pointed out that The Star ran an image from a recent Rolling Stone cover depicting rapper Kanye West covered with welts and wearing a crown of thorns.
“So it’s OK to offend Christians here, publishing the picture instead of telling us what it looks like, but you have different criteria for other religions,” said a caller. “Make sense to you?”
That’s certainly a good question, and I agree it looks like a double standard."

It cracked me up that he agreed that it looked like a double standard but he never really explained why it wasn't. So I think he's admitting that the Star has a double standard when it comes to offending Christians vs. Muslims.

Second was how they did a million articles on Cheney's hunting accident but only printed a tiny blurb on Al Gore's speech in Saudia Arabia. They only wrote 2 sentences about it and never mentioned that he was paid by a Bin Laden relative. And there was no comment about any problems with what he said except that conservatives were complaining about it. I think a former VP of the United States giving a speech in a Middle Eastern country and bashing the U.S. is worthy of more than a blurb. Unbelievably ridiculous!!

Third was an actual article (not a blurb) picked up from the Associated Press. It is about how Rush Limbaugh thought someone was black and had gotten the guy mixed up with someone else. When he realized the mistake he acknowledged it. Somehow that was news enough to print a whole article. Give me a break! Rush was joking today that he makes mistakes so infrequently that it is newsworthy when he does make a mistake. How many mistakes does Al Franken make? I'm sure there will never be any articles about them even though they are probably numerous.

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