Friday, February 03, 2006

Is Hollywood Moving to the Right?

Awhile back Patrick posted some pictures that were Babes for Bush. I then posted some Conservative Hunks in response. Blogger would only let me post so many pictures in the post and I also had some 24 pictures in there so I knew I would have to do a part 2. In collecting pictures for my Conservative Hunks 2 post I found this awesome article entitled "Conservatives in Hollywood?!". It is really good and it talks about how the box office is suffering because of the lack of conservative movies. There is also a paragraph in there that talks about how many conservatives are afraid to "come out of the closet". Its okay for gays but not for conservatives. And one of those is supposed to be Freddie Prinze Jr. I may be getting him in trouble for posting him with Conservative Hunks but he was already exposed in the article :-).

Here are some excerpts from the article:

"But guess what: ever more Americans are shunning Hollywood’s wares—and disgust with Left Coast politics, both on and off screen, clearly plays a part. In a time of declining moviegoing, what gets people out to the theaters, it turns out, are conservative movies—conservative not so much politically but culturally and morally, focusing on the battle between good and evil, the worth of heroism and self-sacrifice, the indispensability of family values and martial honor, and the existence of Truth. Hollywood used to turn out a steady supply of such movies—watch just about any film from its Golden Age of the thirties and forties—and it still makes them once in a while (sometimes thanks to off-screen lefties like Steven Spielberg). We may soon see a lot more of them.

There’s no question Hollywood is reeling. Film attendance is down a wrenching 12 percent from last year, and a May USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll found that nearly half of American adults go to movies less often than they did in 2000. Some pundits have blamed the rising price of tickets, but in constant dollars a ticket costs less than it did 25 years ago. Others believe that it’s all those DVDs that people are buying—except that DVD sales are slumping, too. The most likely explanation is the left-wing politics. “You can date the recent box-office decline from the end of the summer last year, with the intensification of the presidential campaign,” notes conservative film critic and talk-radio host Michael Medved. “It wasn’t just Hollywood’s hostility toward President Bush; it was the naked, raw partisanship.”

If even one in ten Bush voters boycotted Hollywood after hearing the latest Tim Robbins anti-Bush diatribe or seeing yet another big-screen conservative villain (like the Dick Cheney look-alike who nearly destroyed the world in last year’s The Day After Tomorrow), it would add up to 6 million fewer viewers, Medved points out. “This is what many people in the movie industry don’t get: when you express hostility to conservatives, many Americans feel that you’re expressing hostility to them.”

Nevertheless, several indicators suggest that the film industry’s cultural stance may be changing more dramatically than hiring some new marketers. For starters, Hollywood is home to a growing right-of-center presence, including hotshot young producers like Mike De Luca of DreamWorks and Gavin Pollone, and rising screenwriters like Craig Mazin, Cyrus Nowrasteh, and Klavan. What’s more, if reports are true, other young Hollywood types are on the Right, but keep their views quiet, for fear of career trouble in a still-liberal town. “It’s becoming increasingly clear that a significant majority of the young people coming into Hollywood are conservative,” opined Chetwynd this summer. Last fall, Details magazine’s exposé “Young and Republican in Hollywood” caused a stir by “outing” comedian Adam Sandler, actor Freddie Prinze Jr., and others as secret right-wingers. AMC’s 2004 documentary Rated R: Republicans in Hollywood, directed by former Democratic speechwriter Jesse Mosse, concludes that Hollywood will be shifting right as the under-40s become its new establishment. Already reinforcing David Horowitz’s long-established Wednesday Morning Club, which hosts conservative speakers for open-minded industry listeners, are such newly formed right-wing salons as the Hollywood Congress of Republicans and the discreet Sunday Evening Club, for still-closeted rightists.

After long using liberal Hollywood as a political punching bag, conservatives are moving to an if-you-can’t-beat-them-join-them approach. If they can create a popular cinema that artistically reflects a right-of-center worldview—rather than crudely imposes it—it would be a huge advance for the Right in America’s ongoing cultural struggles. After all, it’s not just reason and analysis that will decide the outcome of those struggles. The imagination and the heart—the Dream Factory’s stock-in-trade—will play at least as large a part."

Now for some more pics:

1) Kurt Russell (He's a libertarian but I've even heard Rush talking about having dinner with him. I loved him in Overboard.)
2) Scott Baio (When I was in Junior High my friends and I were all in love with him :-)
3) Dennis Quaid (He's had some personal issues but he's supposed to be a conservative)
4) Bruce Willis (I know I posted a pic of him last time but I liked this one better)
5) Kirk Cameron (Him and his wife are strong Christians and he speaks at Worldview Conferences)

(Again, when I was ready to post a Michael Moore pic for the liberal guy blogger wouldn't let me post any more pics, Oh well!! We all know what he looks like. And James, I never saw Denzel on any lists saying he was a Conservative. I know he has done some great things for the troops but I don't know if he claims to be a conservative. So I didn't post his pic.)


Rivka said...

O.K.. Kurt Russell, Bruce, Dennis Quaid... they are definately attractive. But I really like Quaid.. He has that silly, half smile i like.
Anyway, BUT.. My husband IS the best of all!!!!

What about the Fox news guys???

Dionne said...

Rebecca: You and Suzie are the ones thrilled about the Fox News guys so I'll let one of you do that post :-).

Rivka said...

Chatter, The washington post just listed my blog for people to look at regarding the rumsfeld cartoon... SHEEZ!! I didn't even say anthing really.
Of course, the first comment i got was from a lefty.. Guess what... He commented on ANN Coulter... HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

shoprat said...

That article is some of the best news I have read in a long time. Thanks for bringing it up.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Anyone here ever happen to catch Steve Marmel's "This Just In"? It was gone as soon as it was on the air. A very witty, current, comedy cartoon with its star character as a conservative. I was flabbergasted at how they were commenting on world politics, about a week after it would happen. I saw an article out there about the kind of animation process they used to make this possible. I think it had to do with the flash animations used today on computers.

Anyway, it ended so quickly. Very unfortunate, as I'm telling you it was a very good, very funny pro-conservative series. Never had time to build an audience; never had the benefit of a huge promotional campaign. I only stumbled on it because I was a closet WWE Raw fan at the time (thanks to Chris Jericho). Oh, hey! That reminds me: a number of pro-wrestlers are Republicans. I'm pretty sure The Rock and HBK are for certain registered Republicans. Rock should definitely be considered in the Hollywood category, since he's now making movies.

Rivka said...

No problem chatter... My husband doesn't mind doing the comments on stuff like this, but i wonder if he would like me doing a post on the dudes at Fox.. LOL!! I better not do a post like that.. I would rather have you do it for me!!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!! Wow...I think I will just sit and look for awhile. (LOL) I left for a few hours this a.m. and all went wild in our blogworld.

As far as ticket sales and price, our economy is doing better than is not an issue. People are just sick and tired of giving their money to these jerks that are trying to push their far left agenda. The American People can see straight through it...and do not want any part of bashing Christians and having no morals. (Especially shoved in their faces and having to pay for it)

Back to the pic, wow are they sexy!! Hard for me to pick a favorite...they all look fantastic to me. Great job...LMC!!

Chuck Norris is also a Conservative and a Christian.

P.S. On the Fox Men...will have to say I will TRY!!! (smiling)

Dionne said...

Shoprat: I'm glad you were encouraged too.

Wordsmith: I'm sorry I missed that. It does sound like it was good.

When I was trying to find famous people who were conservatives they said most country singers and Nascar people were also conservative. I had heard about least one wrestler being a conservative. But I don't follow wrestling so I don't know.

Suzie: I admire Norris's conservatism but I'm not a big fan of his.

You are now officially nominated to do a post on the guys at Fox :-).

Joubert said...

After you posted that you like Overboard, I asked Chas if we had seen it. I don't remember movie names too well and sometimes rent them again.:0

He reminded me about it (it was good) and we talked about Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Chas told me that he read that they had an "open relationship" which basically means sleeping around. That put me off Russell. I also read him talking abut being a Libertarian and, like most libertarians, it's mostly about loose morals and smoking pot. So, I don't think he qualifies.

Suzie, I think Chuck Norris is too old for LMC. ;)

Dionne said...

Patrick: I know Russell and Goldie Hawn aren't married but I've never heard the open relationship thing. I really like her daughter Kate Hudson who is now a great actress too. I read an article about Kate which said that Kurt Russell wasn't her biological father but had been a great dad to her. So I don't know.

Chuck Norris just isn't my type. I like the whole Karate thing but always liked Van Dam and Seagal better although Seagal is an environmentalist wacko.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Allow me, if I might, to make this observation:

The academy award nominations are part of a Last Gasp effort to recognize much of what Hollyweird WANTS as opposed to what is making them money.

To wit:

What received Best Picture nominations?

- Brokedick Mountain
- Goodnight and Good Luck
- Capote
- Munich
- Crash

Who gives a crap about BM? Or Capote? Or GNGL? Or Munich? I saw Crash -- not bad, and got better as it went. If I had to vote, it would be for Crash.

But let's go back and think about the movies that made the most buckage, that most NORMAL persons went to see -- that would be the final Star Wars film, Harry Potter and, lo and behold, Narnia!

See any recognition for these movies? Nah, not much.

The Best Picture is HW's attempt to show how much better the Elites are at judging ART than YOU are.

Because deep down, just like the MSM hemorrhaging readers, HW is hemorrhaging viewers. They think it has to do with DVDs and downloading movies? Well, perhaps a certain small percentile.

They still haven't caught on that a little former Australian dude made a movie that, to date, has almost made a BILLION dollars worldwide. And you know what? Once was enough in terms of seeing that movie for me. But, to throw a couple more bucks at Mel, however, I went to go see it again. That was me making a $9.50 statement.


I'll go see any movie Bruce Willis makes. Any movie Tom Selleck makes. Any movie Mel Gibson makes. And now any movie Adam Sandler or Freddie Prinze Jr. makes. And Dennis Quaid -- how the hell did he ever get hooked for that stupid Day After Tomorrow -- ? Great special effects, beyond ridiculous premise.

Also: Munich is the lowest-attended, least-money-making film Steven Spielberg has ever made.

And rightly so.

Yeah; like we NEED to understand those 1972 asshole terrorists. No, what was needed was precisely what Israel did: take them out in sheer RETRIBUTION for their murders.

And then, boys and girls, ask yourself this question I bet you've not yet proffered:


Why do YOU like it so much?

Because it is essentially conservative in nature and shows Americans triumphing, eventually, over terrorism and Evil.

And this show is the most popular one on TV this season.

Sounds like a clue to me.

juanitagf said...

Oops! I better wipe the drool off the keyboard and move on before my DH sees!

Dionne said...

BZ: Bravo to everything you said and how well you said it!! I completely agree.

To be honest I was amazed to see in this article how much of an economic impact is has actually made. But as Michael Medved said you only need 1 out of 10 Bush voters not to go to the movies and thats 6 million people. Wow!!

Jgf: Huge smile :-).

Dionne said...

BZ: Also, there has always been a huge disconnect between the Hollywood, artsy, fartsy elites that pick the movies for the Academy Awards and the average American. The only time in recent years that I was happy about who won something at the Academy Awards was when Mel Gibson won for Braveheart. Otherwise pick the movie you detest the most and thats the one who will win the awards.

Lone Pony said...

Thanks LMC. I was feeling a little low tonight. This helped!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

LMC: Pick what you hate and it'll win; pick what you like and it'll make money but no nominations -- or a few here and there.

I'm going to post now about Why We Blog. I'm feeling particularly wonky. . .

Mike's America said...

Somebody out in Hollywood has to have noticed that Fox News is cleaning up. How long will it be before they make movies that appeal to the conservative audience?

I won't go see any movie with nutcase lefties starring in it, or with stories that are clearly part of the left wing propaganda machine.

Oh, sorry... They don't DO propagand do they? I forgot. Everything they do is MAINSTREAM right?

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

02 04 06

LMC: Kirt Russell and Bruce Willis are the bestest!!! You have good taste! ha ha ha ha ha!

Steven Tucker said...

Hollywood isn't moving to the right; and they won't so long as the right is in power. Artists through themselves against the establishment. It seems like it has always been that way. Right now, conservatives are the establishment. We are America's base. Artists will fight against that, they will rebel.

Just think of Hollywood as a bunch of children, trying to piss off their mommies and daddies.

Rivka said...

WOW.. LMC, I must say i think everyone who posted has something awesome to offer.

I think Hollywood will never get the message. Let them have their revenge with hyped up awards. It won't change anything or further their agenda. There are too many clear-thinking people like us around. A lot more than I once thought .. during the Clinton years.

Gayle said...

Off subject lmc, but you asked over at my blog how to save a template. I would e-mail you this information, but you haven't turned on a link to your e-mail in your profile. I would have sworn I left you these instructions yesterday, but perhaps I previewed without publishing.

Anyway, simple copy and paste your template to whatever word processor you use and save it to your documents. Whenever you want to update the copy, copy and paste again and replace the previous one. If your blog ever goes missing, as mine did, copy and paste the saved template into your template page on blogger.This will save your blog but not the comments.

Since I don't use blogger comments, go to the help page of blogger. I believe they have a code you can enter into your template for saving your comments.
Hope this helps!

ABFreedom said...

What BV said... Hollyweird can push the stupid gay agenda all they want, but it will be their downfall. The small market their trying to cater to won't hold them up for long.

Unknown said...

"This Just In" was a terrific cartoon. Heck, "South Park" is a conservative leaning show, if irreverent and vulgar.

BZ: I'd like to see GNGL, due to my interest (love-hate relationship?) in the media. I think I saw Crash and was bored and underwhelmed. Like when I saw Magnolia. I hate it when Hollywood attempts profundity and slips on a big rained frog.

Gayle said...

"The small market they are catering to won't hold them up for long." I hope Ab is right! :)

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

I will get to it....(give me some time-smiling please) Meanwhile I finally (due to blogger problems) posted about someone quoting Rebecca and I am fuming mad. I hope you get a chance to get over today.

Dionne said...

LP: I'm glad you found it very encouraging also.

Mike: It is amazing how Fox News blows the other networks out of the water. And how the libs rationalize the reasons for it :-).

Mahndisa: Thanks and I agree :-).

Steve: Thanks for stopping by and you make a great point. I think the majority of Hollywood will remain liberal but it is nice to see some pockets of hope.

Rebecca: Including the article with the hunks provided for a great conversation :-).

Gayle: Thanks for your help!! I saved my template right after reading your comments. I appreciate you bringing it up.

Dionne said...

Robo: I watched "Team America" which was done by the South Park creators. I loved how they bashed Alec Baldwin & the other Hollywood people. I thought I would be able to handle the crudeness but it got way too vulgar at the end for me. They pushed the decency line and then they plunged over the edge. I still may give South Park a chance but I think it would be too much for me.

Unknown said...

Well, South Park is much less vulgar than Team America. Parker and Stone's movies are really over the top. I like how they pretty much call out everybody for behaving like an idiot. South Park's not that bad at all, compared to Team America.

Dionne said...

Robo: I'm glad to hear that. I like the humor when it applies to everyone like those jibjab videos online. Have you ever seen those? They are great.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I consider myself somewhat of a "South Park Conservative".

And the show itself is great, although it does often cross the lines of good taste...part of its greatness, at times, actually.

The thing is, even though they are an equal opportunity offender, what really seems to rile them up is political correctness. And we all know the liberals have a monopoly on that.

There is some great social commentary swathed in all that vulagarity. And it's funny!

Mark said...

OK. But what about Conservative Babes? Heather Locklear, Lara Flynn Boyle, Bo Derek, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sela Ward, Shannon Doherty, and my personal favorite, Gladys Knight!

Mark said...

If you want a list of celebrities that are conservative, try This one

Dionne said...

Wordsmith: I appreciate knowing that. Thanks.

Mark: Actually Patrick from Born Again Redneck started all of this by posting a Babes for Bush with some of those very women you mentioned. I can't find the archive from when he did it though.

In all my research I hadn't run across that extensive list. THANK-YOU soooo much. Very cool to know!!!

KEvron said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rebekah said...

Rebecca said,
What about the Fox news guys???
Yeah- I'd rather watch Sheppard Smith than Bob Scheifer any day... just SAVE ME from Geraldo. Hehe.

KEvron said...

"deleted"?! on what basis, if i may be so bold as to ask?


Dionne said...

Kevron: Because I've seen the comments you leave on Mark's blog and I don't want that on my blog.

KEvron said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
James Manning said...


Capote is a really good movie. Actually, it is the best movie I saw this year. I saw Crash and it had a few shakey spots - but it was a really good movie. I had no interest in Brokeback Mountain so I can't speak to it. But my choice for best actor would be Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He was excellent in Capote - really, I think you should check it out.

Rivka said...

rebekah! HA!! Let's hear it for FOX NEWS GUYS!!! ...

KEvron said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
KEvron said...

alas, i'm to be deleted into the ethers, with nary a word of explanation.

i believe "chatterbox" may be a misnomer*....


(* that's a playful jab, not an attack)

Dionne said...

Kevron: This will be my last response. I am open to commenters who are up for coherent debate. Mark has banned you from his blog for a reason. I've seen a lot of your comments and I'm not going to waste my time providing specific examples.

I have written a whole post on how I deal with trolls so you can read this if you want further explanation:

And please quit whining about being deleted. I'm sure your time is better spent on your own blog or harassing someone else.

KEvron said...

"Kevron: This will be my last response. I am open to commenters who are up for coherent debate."

your first points seems to be in conflict with your second. none the less, i appreciate that you are open to debate, though i find it to be a virtual impossibilty in cyberspace(i'm repeating myself). debate is a competition with rules. the point of the competition is not to prove which position is the correct one, but to present a better argument. resolution (another internet impossibility) is not the point of debate. i prefer to simply express my opinion in my own manner.

"Mark has banned you from his blog for a reason."

and it's not the first time!

"I've seen a lot of your comments and I'm not going to waste my time providing specific examples."

again, you seem to contradict yourself; if the examples are as abundant as you claim, then retrieval shove prove to be easy. also, citations are a requisite to debate.

"I have written a whole post on how I deal with trolls so you can read this if you want further explanation:"

a link! i'll read up on it.

"And please quit whining about being deleted."

i don't see any "whining". (that's another joke)

"I'm sure your time is better spent on your own blog"

gotta stretch my legs sometimes. the internets are big places, with lots to see. it's why i subscribe to their services.

"or harassing someone else."

citaions, please.


Rivka said...

Kevr'anus': What a jerk.
Chatter: this person is really funny.. Think about it..He is a great example of someone who can't win with good ideas, and facts politically since this is a political blog.. So he resorts to picking apart the fact that you said you don't want to address him and why; Criticizing the fact that you explained why...Geez,WHO CARES??

I have asked myself why people do this. I have come to the conclusion they literally 'get off' on it. they LOVE to piss people off for some psychotic reason. They live for it. THey are miserable people inside. They must be. It is truly sad indeed.

KEvron said...

"....So he resorts to picking apart the fact that you said you don't want to address him and why"

actually, re-blecch-a, i was responding to a comment she had made about me elsewhere.

you seem nice!


Kent said...

Good post.

I heard Quaid made an offcolor remark about 'Brokeback Mountain' at the Golden Globes. That takes some balls.

Stallone was thought to be a Republican, but then I spotted him at a Dean event in '04, which disgusted me.

And Kurt Russell is VERY conservative in his politics.