Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Soldier Prayer List

I had a couple of things to mention today but my main thing I wanted to mention is I'm starting a soldier prayer list. I was trying to figure out the best way to do it and I decided I would start another blog to put things of a devotional nature on it. (Rebecca originally mentioned doing a devotional blog herself and I always thought it was a good idea.) I was going to put the list on my sidebar but I figured it would probably get too long. That way I can continue to update the prayer list on my other blog and whenever it is updated I will mention it on this blog. I will also occasionally write things of a spiritual and devotional nature on there since this blog is devoted mostly to politics. My other blog is entitled Immersed in Grace and you can go there now if you want to submit a name for the soldier prayer list or you can submit their names on this blog too. To help keep most of it private I thought it would be good just to mention their first name, the state they are from and where they are stationed now. I started the list off with 4 people I know or know thru friends. It is for men and women in the military whether they are here or overseas. You can submit your own name if you are active military or the name of loved ones or friends. I know some of my fellow bloggers are in the military but I didn't want to add your name without your permission so please submit your name if you want to be on the list. I will be praying for those on the list on a regular basis and will encourage those that pray and stop by to pray also. I'm hoping this will be a small encouragement to the men and women who are serving our country.

Also, I found the citizenship test on Dr. Howdy's blog. Here is what he said:
"How well would you do if you took the citizenship test. Try this out-educational and fun. 24 out of 30 is con- sidered a passing grade. I understand that 96% of all High School Seniors FAILED this test... AND if that's not bad enough, 50+% of all individuals over 50 did too!!"

I ofcourse passed by the skin of my teeth and got a 24. But the test said I was very close to passing so I don't know what that was all about but it was fun so take a couple of minutes and take the test. And if you feel like sharing I would love to know how everyone scored.


SPECIAL THANKSto Texas Fred who helped me finally figure out how to post pictures on my sidebar. Woo-hoo!!


TexasFred said...

Wow... I am gonna be famous over this... LMAO..

Seriously, it was my pleasure, someone took the time to help me and show me a few things and I took it from there and did some *experimenting*... In a *dummy* blog...

Never *play* with the BIG blog...

Fish said...

I took the test and scored 26. I must have been paying attention in class in the school of hard knocks.

juanitagf said...

Scored 26 also.

Headed over to put my nephew's name on your list.

Dionne said...

Fred: Thanks again and good advice.

Fish: Thanks for stopping by. And you and jgf are awesome for scoring so high. The sad part is I don't think I would've even scored a 24 if I didn't homeschool. I've had to relearn a lot of things that didn't stick with me or I didn't learn when I was in school.

sandy said...

I'm proud to say I answered 28 of the questions correctly.

Where's my gold star?

Dionne said...

Sandy: you should get a gold star. That's awesome!!

Daddy Loves You said...

Hey, shoot me an email at jayadkins[at]gmail.com and I'll give you the info on the "blogroll" question you sent me. God bless!

Jay Adkins

ABFreedom said...

Yikes... I only got 13 ... :-(

Shows ya how much I know about your constitution ... wish we had a real one here...

Dionne said...

ABF: Since you're Canadian I think you get a pass. Although it made me feel a little better that I didn't have the lowest score :-).

Crazy Politico said...

I guess I'm okay, I got a 28 out of 30.
(Number of Amendments and who was born in Texas)

I may have to come back and steal that test tomorrow.

Gayle said...

Good idea regarding honoring our soldiers LMC! Kudos!

I will come back to take the test and let you know.

Gayle said...

Good idea regarding honoring our soldiers LMC! Kudos!

I will come back to take the test and let you know.

Dionne said...

Crazy: Okay quit being humble since you tied with Sandy for the top score :-). Steal away.

Gayle: Thanks!

Ripama said...

I scored 28 out of 30. I got 2 incorrect answers but the test was wrong, not me.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

That is so special and thoughtful to create a blog for us all to pray for the listed soldiers. The only names I have are the bloggers I visit, but as you said they should do that - I wouldn't want to do something without someone's permission.

Would love to know myself how to post pictures in my sidebar - the only ones I have been able to do is with provided HTML. If you have it in email form, I surely would appreciate it. A fellow blogger set up my palm tree icon. I can't even install the blogrolling thing correctly. (smiling)

God Bless you!! (smiling)

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 04 06

Hey Miss Chatterbox: Excellent quote on the sidebar by Mr. Reagan. I just saw your new devotional blog and thank you for placing it on the blogosphere; it is needed! WOW!You have really been on top of your blogging game lately and I am happy to see your creative juices flow. I need to take the quiz now:) Have a good day!

Rivka said...

Great post! Great idea to have a prayer post set up for the troops!! You are really getting a lot of traffic.. I am glad because, as you know, I am your biggest fan. (Just like you are with my singing? :)
But, i will have to get with you about posting pictures on my sidebar. I don't want to get rid of the thank you video for our troops because I like it so much, but i may.
I joined that photobucket thing.. I haven't had time to figure it out yet.
I am in a lot of pain when i sit for too long, so when i blog i get up and sit down a lot!
ANyway, great post and thanks for linking me in it!!

shoprat said...

I missed two out of 30. Both were, in my not-so-humble opinion, pretty obscure, what we used to call Ace-Busters (Actually I missed the same ones that CP missed.)

The Conservative UAW Guy said...


I'm stealing the Reagan quote in your sidebar, BTW!

Thanks, LMC!!! :)

Dionne said...

Ripama: Thanks for stopping by and great score.

Suzie: I am technically challenged so I've had to have a lot of help. Email me at chatterboxchronicles@hotmail.com and I'll tell you about pictures on the sidebar. It is actually pretty easy once you learn how to do it.

Mahndisa: Thanks as always for your kind words.

Rebecca: Thanks. Any word on your back yet?

Shoprat: You guys are making sure you all look like geniuses compared to me :-). Great score.

UAW: Steal away and you're welcome.