Friday, January 06, 2006

"People Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones"

I am going to admit most of my material on today's post is from a GOP site and from Rush Limbaugh's site including the picture of John McCain as "Chief Speaking Bull" which I just think is classic. Even the title of this post comes from the GOP site but it is all too good not to bring up here.

I am getting back into the swing of things doing school with my kids and so I thought I'd slow down a little on the blogging. But tonight I went to Crazy Politico's site where he talked about a Newsweek article and I was too fired up not to do a post on this.

First of all, this lovely allusion that the Abramoff scandal is a Republican scandal. I'm sure when we get to the bottom of the scandal there may be some corruption involved, and if there truly is, those involved should suffer the consequences. That being said I'm a little irritated at the glee the MSM seems to have in talking about this "Republican scandal". Rush talked about this at length yesterday and made some really good points. Let's start off with the fact that 40 out of 45 members of the Democrat Senate Caucus have taken money from either Abramoff, his associates or Indian tribe clients. But the spin by the Democrats is yes, they took money but they didn't have bad motives like the evil Republicans did. Gag me with a spoon!! Here are some of the 40 senators and how much $ they received (with some of Rush's nicknames):
Max Baucus: $22,500
Evan Bayh: $6,500
Joe Biden: $1,250
Jeff Bingaman $2,000
Barbara Boxer: $20,000
Maria Cantwell: $21,765
Tom Carper (He's from Delaware): $7,500
Hillary Clinton: $12,950.
Christopher Dodd: $14,792
Byron "Helmet Head" Dorgan: $79,300
Dick Durbin: (at least) $14,000
Russ Feingold: $1,250
Tom "Dung Heap" Harkin: $45,750
Senator "In No Way" from Hawaii: $9,000.
Tim Johnson: $14,250
John Kerry, $98,550
Barbara Mikulski: $10,000.
Blanche Lincoln: $14,891
Patty Murray, Washington: $78,991
"Dingy" Harry Reid: at least $68,940.
Rangel has received 36 grand, and he's not giving it back.
Debbie Stabenow: $6,250
Chuck Schumer: $29,550
Jay Rockefeller: $4,000
Second, Newsweek says that this scandal could lead to a 3rd party emerging with McCain, Lieberman, Feingold and Wes Clark at the forefront. I don't mean to offend anyone who thinks this sounds good but this horrifies me. Lieberman gets a little credit for standing up to his own party on the war but in general he doesn't have much of a backbone. You all know how I feel about McCain and I don't even want to get started on Feingold and Clark. I'm not saying I'll never be open to a 3rd party but not one led by those 4.

Third, McCain preaches to everyone on the corruption of money and yet it turns out when he planned his Campaign-Finance bill he had some loopholes. Guess what one of the main ones was? Indian Tribes. Who is the biggest receiver of Indian Tribe money? John McCain!!! Thus the picture of John McCain as "Chief Speaking Bull". The Cato Institute had an article entitled "Campaign Finance Folly"from 2002. It was talking about Campaign Finance before it passed. Here is an excerpt about McCain:
"McCain, the principal backer of campaign finance reform, is also a loyal backer of Indian political causes. As a result, McCain is the number one recipient of the political donations provided to candidates by the nation's 550 Indian tribes. In fact, McCain receives twice the amount given to the second-highest recipient."

So before McCain, Democrats and the MSM get too excited about throwing stones at Republicans they should remember they live in glass houses.

P.S. I don't want to hear the tired liberal mantra that it doesn't make it right no matter who does it. I agree with that. BUT, I'm just tired of the MSM only showing one side of the story. This is the other side.


James Manning said...


The Abramoff thing is a symptom of the problem we have with out political process. Those with money get access and those without wing it on the parameters. But the problem is not the money but the policies brought forth on behalf of special interest groups. The reasons the GOP is having this problem now is because they are in power. Dems controlled Congress for 40 years and they got themselves into the same problem (Remember Dan Rostenkowski (D) Illinois - dude was a crook to the extreme).

The longer the GOP is the majority problem the more they are going to run into issues like this until the political structure is overhauled.

I will point out just one issue that: Saipan.

Look into the connection with legislation that Congress passed and the money trail between Congressional members, Abramoff and the garment industry. Then look up the conditions that exist in those factories (forced abortions, repayment of outrageous
"Recruitment fees" and the list go on and on.) I'm going to blog about this as soon as I complete my research. It is impossible to prove a quid pro quo but it is more than campaign contributions.

As for the Democrats that took money from Abramoff – you’re a smart woman and familiar with the inner workings of politics. So I’m sure you see it for what it is: It’s called hedging your bets and covering your six. I won’t go into details because we’re all familiar with the game.

What will happen is what always happens in situations like this. While we, the populous and the media, point fingers and argue, they will continue to play fast and loose with policy for those with access (money). I guarantee that there is more to this story but I also guarantee that because this country is so divided and blinded by partisan politics, we’ll discuss this same issue 15 years from now. And nothing will change then, as nothing will change now, as nothing changed 15 years ago.

Pirate said...

I had no idea of your blog and you have just become one of my favorites. This is a great site.

I work with Rush every day. He sits n my desk and provides me with a lot of news and daily affirms my personal beliefs.

Pirate said...

you may be a little interested in a post i did a few days ago that leads you to a video.

bigwhitehat said...

I still don't see why any of this is real political hay. Looks like freedom of speech at work to me. If there was indeed bribery there will be reciprication. That would still be hard to prove.

Rebekah said...

It doesn't matter to them whether or not a crime was actually committed - the msm just needs another scandal with neat little catchphrases to toss around until - once again - nothing comes of it, and they are forced to eat their words.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

And THANKS for reporting it too!! I get tired of it as well....

I feel like you about 2008 and what is up for us so far. Discouraging to say the least.

I loved that..."Gag me with a spoon!!" (LOL)

Back when I went to Philly in Sept or Oct the Sun Sentinel our local newspaper had an article on these (3) guys and their ties to the murder...even then - I saw this mess coming when they exposed his (Abramoff) background to D.C. etc.

But I feel like Rebekah, nothing will come of it....after awhile.

James Manning said...

bigwhitehat said:

If there was indeed bribery there will be reciprication. That would still be hard to prove.

That is what they are counting on. They are hoping that folks take a nonchelant attitude about it, make sure a couple heads roll, pass a few bills with more loopholes than a roller coaster and then go about collecting their money.

I'm just not up for giving these suckers a pass. I don't care about political affiliation because they are hoping they can hide behind poltical brinkmanship and watch the verbal bloodbath of the common folk.

Dionne said...

Pirate: Thanks for stopping by and I will check out the video.

BWH: You make a good point.

Rebekah: The media is salivating over this hoping they can smear the Republicans enough that they can help the dems regain some power this year.

Suzie: You're welcome. And I say "Gag me with a spoon" when I get ticked off about something so whenever you read that phrase you'll know I'm all fired up :-).

Dionne said...


I see where you are coming from. My opinion is the only solution is to put honest men and women of integrity into office. Corruption is possible no matter what laws are passed. So thats one reason why I vote for people with morals because there is a greater chance that they aren't corruptible. Is it still a possibility? Yes, but this is the flawed, human system we live in. And most of the time it works.

Ronald Reagan said,"It has been said that politics is the 2nd oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first." There is some truth to that.

But with that said Bill Bennett pointed out in a book (I think it was called The Death of Outrage) that one of the biggest disservices Clinton did for us with all his scandals was make people cynical. During the Clinton years this cynical attitude developed that all politicians are corrupt so what does it matter. I totally don't believe that. I know there are still men and women of integrity in Washington. Are there corrupt ones too? I'm sure there are. But when the corruption comes to light you kick them out or you don't re-elect them.

I don't think any more of McCain's wonderful laws that hinder free speech and leave loopholes for certain people are the answer.

Crazy Politico said...

LMC, as I posted in the comments on my blog, I'd not much care for the McCain Feingold party either.

I'd rather see 2 parties out of the GOP, The Reaganites, and one of the Buchannon crowd.

Two more from the Dem's the Naderites, and the Deaniacs.

With six parties in the mix, those four and the left overs in the two originals, we'd have a congress that would be required to work together, based on lacks of majority.

Just a thought.

James Manning said...


This may come as a surprise to you but people have been cynicle about politics since... well, um what year was it that George Washington took office?

As for voting for good people - ok, that's a good idea but the truth is we don't know these folks from Adam. What we know is what they tell us and whatever information we can get from their public record. But place an apple in a barrel full of rotten apples, and that apple too will spoil. The only thing to do is rid ourselves of the apples and get a new barrel.

Dionne said...

Crazy: It is an intriguing theory, have no idea how it would work in real life.

James: :-)I knew you were going to say that first paragraph and I was going to make a comment about it but forgot to. Yes, some people have always been cynical about politics but the point was that they got MORE cynical during the Clinton scandals.

Joubert said...

The Abramoff scandal is nasty but why wasn't the MSM outraged by the Soros donations? Soros isn't even an American and he is using his money to undermine the USA and nearly every Dem including the DNC, ANSWER etc took money from Soros. Sadly some RINOs took Soros' money and when Michelle Malkin named them they attcked her. But the MSM has nothing but praise for Soros.

James Manning said...


I tried to think of something with a bit more wit to it, but I came up short. You may be correct but I think only because of the media.

Cabe said...

I'm getting sick of McCain as well. I know he'll continue to speak about things which he has no credibility to speak on.

He's wrong on global warming,
he's a hippocrit on pork projects, and he 'communised' republicanism by hijacking the Senate with this "gang" of 14. It's time for him to go.

Dionne said...

Patrick: Excellent, excellent point!! Bravo!!

Cabe: Couldn't have said that better myself :-).

James: Yah, the media was so mean to poor Slick Willy.

sandy said...

Looks like one solution would be to ban all lobbyists. It still always comes back to money. To quote an old book: " The love of money is the root of all evil."

It's not money per/se, but the love of it.

Dionne said...

Sandy: I don't think banning lobbyists is very realistic. But you are right about the love of money being the root of all evil. Timeless truth for sure.

The Game said...

The posts on my blog have been mostly about the fact that the media labels him a "Republican strategist and lobyist." Then I see all the people that have gotten money from the Left and I put my head down and sigh once again.

Is anyone else getting tired of the fact that the media and the Left take a piece of info and blow it up into huge scandal? Was Rove even charged with anything in the Plame story? NOPE. But we had to hear about how evil he was for two years.

I am not saying that if both parties do it than it is okay...I'm saying ANYONE who took bribes should go to jail, and the media should try to report things without a bias.

Dionne said...

Game: Thanks for stopping by. I say ditto to all your comments. They are right on.

sandy said...

I agree that banning lobbyists is not realistic. It was just a thought. I think a law requiring full disclosure of ALL contributions and gifts(i.e. paid trips and golf outtings) with a VERY stiff penalty for anyone who does not abide by it should be in-acted.

I believe it is disgusting that a politician can resign to avoid proscecution and still draw his/her pension.

Dionne said...

Sandy: I totally agree about disclosing all contributions and gifts. To me that is a win, win. I remember being impressed that W disclosed all his contributions during the 2000 election.