Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Liberal Profile #1--Ted Kennedy

Okay, this is my favorite editorial cartoon of all time (Glenn McCoy is my favorite political cartoonist). I had this posted on my refrigerator for months. It took me forever to find this today but I had to have this for Kennedy's profile. "Bloated Hedonist pontificating about morality and human rights"--does this describe Ted Kennedy or what?? Classic!!

I had decided that a profile needed to be done on Kennedy. Why? Because a lot of us weren't even born when Chappaquiddick happened. My mother does a lot of reading and she's especially done a lot of reading on the Kennedys. So she was the first one to fill me in on the Kennedys and on Chappaquiddick. Then I did some research on my own and I was in shock that Kennedy not only didn't go to jail but that he got re-elected to his senate seat. Unbelievable!!

He was born on February 22, 1932 in Boston, Massachusetts to Rose & Joseph Kennedy. He was the youngest of 9 children. In my mother's reading she mentioned to me that she got the impression that because he was the youngest he was neglected, raised by nannies and sent off to boarding schools. He entered Harvard in 1950 but was expelled in 1951 for cheating. He then went into the Army for two years until he could re-enter Harvard and then graduated in 1956. He graduated from the University of Virginia Law School and was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 1959. His only political experience before becoming senator was that he managed JFK's 1958 senate re-election campaign and was an Assistant DA from 1961-62.

Kennedy was elected to the senate in 1962 to serve out the last 2 years of JFK's term since he was now President. Ted Kennedy has been in the U.S. Senate ever since and is the 2nd longest serving current senator behind Robert Byrd. If that isn't an argument for term limits or a mandatory retirement age I don't know what is :-).

As everyone knows both of Ted's famous brothers were assassinated in the 60's. JFK was assassinated in 63 and Robert in 68. Here is what Wikipedia says about the aftermath: "Kennedy was looked upon as a likely future presidential candidate. For about a year, the Democratic establishment began to focus attention on him as the new "carrier of the torch" for the Kennedys and the party."

And then July 18,1969 happened. Kennedy was attending a party on Chappaquiddick Island. After having a lot to drink he decided to leave the party (without his chauffeur who normally drove him everywhere) with Mary Jo Kopechne. There is a dispute about what time he left but it seems to have been sometime around 11:15. The accident didn't happen until around 12:40 so there is a lot of speculation on what happened in between. His account is that he made a wrong turn and ended up on Dike Bridge where he accidentally veered off into Poucha Pond. He was able to escape but unable to rescue Mary Jo. He went back to the party and got his cousin and friend who were both lawyers to come help him. They were also unable to rescue her. According to them they both wanted to report the accident but Kennedy didn't. Kennedy went back to his hotel and made numerous calls but none to police. He didn't talk to police until they contacted him around 10:00 the next morning after they found the accident scene.

Here is what Wikipedia had to say about it:
"The incident quickly blossomed into a scandal. Kennedy was criticized for driving drunk, for failing to come to Kopechne's aid, for failing to summon help, for contacting not the police but his lawyer first, and for failing to report the accident to the authorities. Because of a lack of evidence other than Kennedy's own word, allegations persist that he did not try to save Kopechne, and that he intentionally turned onto the road crossing the bridge going to the beach in order to have sex with her.

Kennedy entered a plea of guilty to a charge of leaving the scene of an accident after causing injury. He received a sentence of two months in jail, which was suspended. An Edgartown grand jury later reopened the investigation but did not return an indictment.

Kennedy's critics and political opponents question whether justice was served in this case. Rumors periodically surface of a conspiracy by Kennedy and his family to alter his driving record to obviate charges of negligent homicide, and to influence the Edgartown grand jury."

I have read Leo Damore's book, "Senatorial Privilege (The Chappaquiddick Cover-up)" and have seen an A&E documentary on Chappaquiddick. There are so many holes in Kennedy's story you could drive a truck thru them. It is unfathomable to me that at the very least he wasn't charged with involuntary manslaughter and how, how did he get re-elected after this? The only consequence he seems to have suffered is that his 1980 bid for the presidency quickly went down in flames.

So Kennedy has his moral failings but seems to think that by championing liberal causes all will be forgotten. Like the Clintons he seems to have no shame. He often has the audacity to lecture others on morality. What he has done to so many honest men and women of integrity is incomprehensible. Like the editorial cartoon at the top you have to wonder what goes through people like Gonzalez & Alito's minds when they have to endure the pontificating.

There is a website that is dedicated to exposing the truth about Ted entitled YTedK. On it they have a quote that I think sums up Ted Kennedy well:

"The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."
- Plato -

Ted Kennedy's Official Website


bigwhitehat said...

"Teddy, I'm late. I think I might be..."

"Mary Jo, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

Rivka said...

Great post.. excellent!
I heard Rush say yesterday while Kennedy was lambasting Alito about Vanderguard, that Kennedy was part of an elite club at his college that wouldn't include blacks.

Gayle said...

Bigwhitehat makes a good point!

Great post LMC! I'm 65 and so I know all of this, but many younger people do not. They obviously don't teach the truth in schools anymore either.

Ted Kennedy would be a total embarrassment to his brothers if they were still alive. Shame.

Dionne said...

BWH: :-)

Rebecca: Love the Ann Coulter pic!!

Gayle: Thanks, yah I often wonder how liberal JFK would be if he was still alive and what he would think of his brother.

Rivka said...

i just created a new blog called Quiet Times. If you have time, let me know what you think.. I don't know what direction i will take it in yet.

Dionne said...

Rebecca: I checked it out. Also, you'll notice I edited this and added the pic of Ted Kennedy you sent me :-).

TexasFred said...

As bad as Tubby Teddy is, I think Schumer is an even BIGGER fool... But, as far as I know, Schumer didn't drive off a bridge and have to wait for several hours to sober up before he could call the police and report the accident...

Oh yeah, and the girl in the car too...

Anyone know why it REALLY took so long to report the accident??

It takes a long time to dress a naked dead chick under water in the back seat of a submerged car...

sandy said...

Great post! I remeber those times well.
It sure say's a lot about the State of Mass.
Term limits or mandatory retirement is an excellent idea.

If we the voters are not smart enough to rid ourselves of these jokers the we deserve what we get.

Joubert said...

One thing no-one talks about is that half the police force of Chappaquidick retired shortly after this Mary Jo Kopechne homicide. The cops were mostly Irish and retired very rich.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Ted Kennedy has long known that his legacy will never be as great as his famous brothers, so he's comfortable being who he is, kiving off his last name in a state where his family are practically treated like royalty, while desperately trying to make up for his sordid past. I think with all his liberal routines, Teddy is just trying to make sure that God can somehow forgive that eventful night that must continue to haunt him.

bigwhitehat said...

LMC I don't think you can listen to Mark Levin in your neck of the woods. He calls Teddy, "The Cape Cod Orca."

James Manning said...

And you guys think Clinton is the devil... This was politics at its worst. Power, money, influence - it's part of the game and I think you quote by Plato tells it all.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

Great post and funny cartoons. Loved your comment: "If that isn't an argument for term limits or a mandatory retirement age I don't know what is :-)."

I'm old and remember that and the scandal in Palm Beach of the rape by Smith, but he was there getting drunk w/them. Corruption runs in that family. Like your Mom, I have read quite a bit about this bunch.

It is sickening to even look at this piece of crap much less listen to him. I think w/these hearings he has helped our party and reminded the rest of the American people just how sorry these radicals are on the Left.

Thank you very much for all your comments, I truly appreciated them.

On our linked post....we are focused on varies sites. Then of course the one with nothing vicious in it about Alito's wife. The trolls are in droves and many are linking me, but the worse is the garbage that is coming out of their mouths to my comment section. I laid down most of the afternoon, then got up and have been deleting ever since. Sorry for just now getting over here.

Dionne said...

Fred: You are right. Chuckie, Biden and Teddy are all in a race to see who can pontificate the most. But Teddy has the least credibility.

Sandy: Thanks and that was exactly my point about the quote at the end. If people are apathetic and don't get involved we end up w/ people like Ted.

Patrick: Good point!! There are so many tentacles to this story it is hard to mention them all. I spent a lot of time going over the story again last night to prepare for this post. It took me a lot longer than I expected because there is so much to the story.

GG: Very good points!

BWH: I love Mark Levin. He's on Hannity's show quite a bit and Rush quotes him. I do wish I could get his radio show here.

James: I'm glad to hear you say that. I would think democrats would run from Kennedy like we run from Robertson but you never know. I think it was Bill Press (not sure on the name) who was on Hannity's show today defending Teddy.

Dionne said...

Suzie: Thanks. I just went over and checked out all those links. I don't get liberals AT ALL. Why do they take delight in trashing other people and talking about it on their blogs? In fact Scribe and Sage might as well be Chuckie & Teddy's twin brothers. They are doing the same thing to you that Ted & Chuck are doing to Alito. Character Assassination!! I am soooo sorry! This is so unwarranted.

Every once in awhile it is worth sparring with a lib but with those 2 I wouldn't hesitate to delete both of them and never respond to them again. That way they have no ammunition.

juanitagf said...

"unable to rescue Mary Jo"

Like he even tried!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

OMG, is it that bad?? I have not went over to read it. (LOL) I just posted again a new post with a monster on it. (LOL) OH least I am not in front of the camera and having to sit there without punching them for 4 days. This Scribe character stalked me on my WAR on Christmas post and Finally after he wrote a post and commented several times....I deleted him and Disa beat up on him at his site...he vanished until yesterday. Him and Sage are big buddies ...bigger now I am assuming. Sage has always claimed the fence...but I finally got enough of his crap. So now...they are doing this to me. Get this...they claim they are Christians and attacked me on it at Christmas time. I am ashamed of my language last night...but I can get ugly that part I will pray for forgiveness and try my best to refrain from such things.

Gayle said...

This is a great post, LMC, and your comment section isn't bad reading either!

I would have been over here sooner too, but the funny thing is, I too was taking a nap, and when I woke up and checked My Republican Blog it had been overrun by trolls.

The moonbats are out in droves tonight and there's a full moon! Do you think it's only a coincicence? :)

Semper Fi said...

Excellent post! For those of us who remember all of the Kennedy men, this "last-of-the-litter" has done nothing to enhance the family name. In fact, Teddy has done just the opposite.

Every time I see septuagenarian Ted on the attack, I am struck by how he fits the famous Eric Hoffer quotation, to wit: "Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength."

ABFreedom said...

Yup.... remember it all .... it was a bigger cover up then Clintons lap dance... maybe that's why the liberals are fighting so hard now, they don't have enough funding for cover ups.

Great post LMC...

Dionne said...

Jgf: You have to wonder.

Suzie: I didn't mean to make it sound worse than it was. I am just upset when libs attack like that.

Gayle: Thanks. I'm sorry you got bombarded by trolls also.

Semper Fi: Thanks for your comments and for stopping by. I love that quote.

ABF: Thanks and good point :-)!!

Wyatt said...

Those cartoons are hilarious, LMC!

Dionne said...

Wyatt: I'm glad to hear you say that. I loooooooove those cartoons.

Mark said...

I hope you don't mind, but I stole your cartoons to post on my own blog.

Here is a funny quote I began my post with:

"I was pulled over in Massachusetts for reckless driving. When brought before the judge, I was asked if I knew what the punishment for drunk driving in that state was. I said, "I don't know... reelection to the Senate?" --Emo Phillips

I had just graduated from High School when Kennedy had his little accident. Let me tell you one other thing about the whole mess that you left out:

An Autopsy was never done on Mary Jo. Her famuly would not allow one. Doesn't that seem strange to you? If my daughter were killed in a mysterious accident, I would what to know exactly what happened.

I have always thought that the family was either paid off or threatened. I also don't discount the possibility that Kennedy murdered her intenionally to keep her mouth shut about something she knew that he didn't want anyone to know. Like, Perhaps she was pregnant by him?

That would have been a carreer killer in 1969, when most of America still had morals.

Dionne said...

Mark: I checked out your post before even reading these comments. Some great points. After reading Damore's book I think it is VERY apparent that the parents were probably threatened and paid off!! There is noooooooo way I would've been silent about this and no autopsy if I were Mary Jo's mom.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

BWH: Boo Yah!!!

LMC: Good points, love the cartoons!

Dionne said...

Neo-Con: Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comments!!

shoprat said...

Ted Kennedy is so full of himself that there is no room left for shame. (Same with Bill Clinton.)

Rebekah said...

Every time I see him sitting there, self-righteously decrying "human rights abuses" by Bush, I want to reach through the TV and clobber him.
I also read part of "Senatorial Privilege" and the most telling part of it all was when, according to eyewittness, Kennedy repeatedly said sitting on the bridge(while Mary Jo was literally drowning or drowned under him) "What have I done to myself?"

Dionne said...

Shoprat: Ditto!!

Rebekah: Excellent point!! Very impressed that you have read part of that book already. You are light years ahead of where I was at your age :-).