Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dick Cheney in Leather

My local paper, The KC Star, is pretty liberal like most papers. But during the 2004 election season I got it for awhile so I would know what was going on locally. To my surprise, I liked getting the paper. I enjoyed knowing the local news and I started writing letters to the editor. But after the election I didn't want to pay full price so I stopped getting it. Recently they sent me an offer that I could get the paper every day for 6 months and only pay the sunday paper price. Since we buy the sunday paper every week for the ads, etc. anyway it was too good of a deal to pass up. All that to say my saturday paper had some good stuff in it.

First of all, Dick Cheney was here in Kansas City this week. He was at our Harley-Davidson plant. As you know I looooove Harleys so I thought this was very cool!! He was there to talk about the economy. Here are a couple of comments he made:

"He pointed to Labor Department reports released Friday that unemployment in December dipped to 4.9 percent, matching a 4 1/2-year low, and that the economy last month added 108,000 jobs.

“I’m a little hobbled up today,” Cheney said sitting down. “(Defense Secretary) Don Rumsfeld’s been chewing on my ankles.”

The vice president got his heartiest response from the factory crowd by paying tribute to the armed forces and by lauding the motorcycle maker for proving that U.S. manufacturers can compete in the international marketplace."

I loved his joke about Rumsfeld. When I heard him speak in 2004 I was surprised at how funny he was.

He also went to Fort Leavenworth and spoke to the troops. This picture shows him awarding Master Sgt. Edward Baldwin the Combat Action Badge.

Second, my wonderful Senator Kit Bond is off on a trip to the Middle East. The Star even mentioned that his son, Sam Bond, is a Marine Intelligence Officer serving in Iraq. So much for all the democrats' hoopla that members of Congress's children aren't serving.


Rivka said...

O.K. we are both on at the same time!! Dangerous!!
Patrick told me Cheney was in town..
Wow, we had the Ashley Judd at the KU/Kentucky Game the other day, and Cheney! Kansas City is really rolling lately!
Great post!
OH yeh, you may need to e-mail me on how to put pictures on my sidebar?

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

I think Cheney looks better in leather than he does wearing a suit, something really sleek about his look there.

Lone Pony said...

LMC, trying to cut costs, I only get the paper on Sunday. I'm going to have to start picking it up again. Thanks for the pictures!

Dionne said...

Rebecca: Thanks and I'll shoot you an email.

GG: In my opinion everyone looks better in leather :-).

Lone Pony: Like I said, I wouldn't be getting it either but I'm paying the same price as if I was just getting the sunday paper. So it was a win, win for me.

stuffle said...

I haven't gotten a local paper in years. Other than the fact that it can be easily read in the bathroom, the paper copy doesn't have any real benefits over the on-line version.

The Star even mentioned that his son, Sam Bond, is a Marine Intelligence Officer serving in Iraq. So much for all the democrats' hoopla that members of Congress's children aren't serving.

Oh, stop it with all that "truth and reality" stuff. The Lib's will get their undies in a wad if they can't repeat the same tired mantras over and over again... :)

Dionne said...

Stuffle: I know that the libs don't like truth and reality but I do :-).

Cabe said...

Bond, Kit Bond.

I used to write letters to the editor of my local paper once a month...but I kept firing up the libs. It got annoying after awhile, then I left for college.

Dionne said...

Cabe: I liked the Kit Bond comment :-).

Rebekah said...

I also like to write letters to the editor, but even my local paper in Conservativeville is Liberal. They recently had a brawl with a local Wal-Mart manager which resulted in that Wal-Mart not selling the paper. Darn it, the higher ups at Wal-Mart overruled it, but it was good while it lasted!
Okay, I got waaay off subject there! Sorry! :)
I like Cheney, too. I loved how he was during the VP debates - made Edwards look like a smart-alecky frat boy.

bigwhitehat said...

As a former columnist, I must say that I typically hate the local paper.

Most folks complain about having words removed. My editors always thought my name belonged on their words.

Shakespeare got a word wrong. He meant that we should kill all, "editors".

bigwhitehat said...

BTW a few serious American Authors once worked for the KC Star.

juanitagf said...

"I loved how he was during the VP debates - made Edwards look like a smart-alecky frat boy."

Absolutely, I didn't know much about him before that. He really won my respect.

Myron said...

Data from U.S. Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration @

United States mining fatalities in the last four years of the Clinton administration and the first four years of Bush's administration.

year 2004 - 54 fatalities
2003 - 56
2002 - 67
2001 - 72
Bush's administration
2000 - 85
1999 - 90
1998 - 87
1997 - 91
Clinton's administration

Liberals are trying to blame the Bush administration for the deaths of the 12 coal miners in West Virginia because they say Pres. Bush relax safety regulations but look at the numbers. Despite the fact that coal production is up in the mining industry now over 4 years ago (result of the boom in the energy sector) less people are dying.

I guess less regulation equal less deaths in mines.

Dionne said...

Rebekah & Jgf: He did do a great job during the debates.

BWH: Interesting take. I think Walt Disney actually worked for the Star at one time.

Myron: Thanks for stopping by and for the coal mining stats. I couldn't believe it when I heard the media trying to blame W for the accident.

Silver Fox said...
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The Conservative UAW Guy said...

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Come over and see my site where I KILL SPAMMERS!!!

It's mostly about me killing and maiming spammers and stuff, and impaling them once in a while...

You might want to enable "word verification", LMC!

Dionne said...

UAW: Word verification is a pain and I only get spammers every great once in awhile and as you can see I just delete them :-).

James Manning said...

I can't stand Cheney, but only 5 more days until the start of 24!!! I know you're excited about that.

Chatter, I have post on religion (actually, it is the first in a series) I'd like to have your input on the subject.

Dionne said...

James: I am very excited about 24 starting in 5 days. Make sure you stop by this weekend because I'm going to do a whole post on why I love the show.

Right now I'm running out the door but later today I will comment on your religion post.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

He looks good in that leather jacket. I was so surprised he was able to go straight to work yesterday....I understand about his heart and conditions that accompany it.

About the newspaper I understand, I get ours for same reasons as you on Sunday.

Assuming today you are watching the hearings as I am...(smiling)Alito seems to be holding his own.