Monday, November 14, 2005

The War

Harry Reid and his pals are having temper tantrums over Bush's supposed lies that got us into the war. Meanwhile there is a plethora of quotes from liberal democrats saying the same things as Bush. Bush finally gave an awesome response to this in his speech on Veteran's Day. Tony Snow has brought up that Bush needs to continue to do this with an aggressiveness and not let the Democrats define this issue. The Democrats are truly trying to rewrite history and they should not be allowed to get away with it. Two of our fellow bloggers have written awesome posts on this and I wanted to highlight them. Check out Mr. Grey Ghost and Exile. I found both of these posts to be very articulate and they did a good job of explaining the issue.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 14 05

Good post Ms. Chatterbox:
I still don't get that Bush Lied stuff. Everytime I ask someone about it, they can't tell me anything that ain't speculative and majorly biased! How is he responsible for failures in intelligence? He relies upon others to collect information and if he can't trust them, then that is their problem not his. He did his job and although I hate violence, something had to be done both in Iraq and in Afghanistan. The stupidity of these commies is startling at times.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Thanks for the link! I'm so fed up with the Left and all their problems with "selective memory", it's the main reason i decided to start blogging in the firat place.

Joubert said...

Grey Ghost's post is good.

It was about time the President told it like it is. I enjoyed his speech.

Dionne said...

Grey Ghost: You're welcome. Your passion shows in your blog. I love it.

Patrick: Amen and ditto to your comments.

Manos said...

I just don't see how it matters much anymore. Everyone has made up their mind and facts don't really matter. I realized that when talking to an anti-war couple recently, I had facts, they had feelings. My facts would never affect their feelings. Its a soap opera where the truth and reality don't matter much.

Where is the American backbone that got us through WW2?

Rivka said...

What an INCREDIBLE comment.."WHere is the backbone that got us through WW2.
You are so right. Our country has been eroded by the left under Clinton for 8 years. In that time we were pushed to become 'politically correct' which divides us racially in the end. We have started analyzing words more now. Kids think BJ's are not sex.

Al-queda thought we were wimps so they attacked us, since we didn't respond 4 times before.

The Clintons used the media to lie, lie, lie for them, and the dems were confronted and accepted the lie for truth. No matter what you told them, they would never recant. They still think Clinton is the best president and he is the first black president.
It is disgusting how someone who used black people can be hailed by them.
We have lost our backbone over the years due to the libs being in control.. BUT.. THERE IS A REVIVAL GOING ON WITH CONSERVATIVES AND WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SPINELESS CRAP.
Underneath it all, we are a strong nation and we have a backbone, you just don't see it in the media, and in congress.
I hope we get the message out to all to vote! Vote out the spineless repubs. in congress, and vote in the ones with a backbone.