Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Some of My Heroes

For those of us who are Christians obviously Jesus is our main hero but aside from that and people in our personal lives who have impacted us who are your heroes? Here is a list of my current top 15. These are people I respect and admire and who I consider to have done heroic type things in my mind. They aren't in any particular order. None of these men and women are perfect since we all have our flaws but they've made a difference. Let me know who some of your heroes are.


1) Ronald Reagan
2) George W. Bush
3) Rush Limbaugh
4) Sean Hannity
5) Ann Coulter
6) Michael Landon
7) Mel Gibson
8) John Walsh
9) James Dobson
10) William Wallace
11) George Washington
12) Abraham Lincoln
13) Antonin Scalia
14) Clarence Thomas
15) Teddy Roosevelt


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 30 05

Madame Curie, George Washington Carver, Sojourner Truth, Mary K. Guillard, Jennifer Dungan, Barbara J. Neuhauser and all the women and men ancestors of the family:) Good post LMC:)

Daniel Levesque said...

Ronald Regan, Antonin Scalia, George Washington, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Charlemagne, Emperor Constantine, and many others. All men and women of courage, intelligence, and faith. All great leaders in their own right.

Rivka said...

George Bush, Ronald Regan, Martin Luther King, Mom hero-Beth twitty Holloway,Rush Limbaugh, My husband, Rose Parker,OUR MILITARY.

Dionne said...

Great lists everyone. I forgot about Antonin Scalia, he should've been on my list too.

Joubert said...

Well, if you're gonna mix dead and live heroes - how about John Locke and Adam Smith.

MM said...

What a Radical blog!!! I loved it! You go girl!

Dionne said...

Welcome Pam. Thanks for the comments.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 01 05

Yeah, I forgot Clarence Thomas, Janice Rogers Brown and Mr. Scalia too. I was in an emotional mood, but my logical mind values these Justices highly! And then Condi Rice, but then I thought that was a given!!!! ha ha ha:) I liked this post, fun and makes ya think!

Dionne said...

Yes Mahndisa, when I first made my list I knew I was leaving some people out so thats why I had to go back and add some :-). I also thought of Condi later too.

Rivka said...

I am losing it. Something wierd is going on. Seriously, I am finding there are certain words that i used to spell correctly, that are hard to spell. Also, another example, when I said 'rose parker', i meant Rosa Parks. SHEEZ... What is wrong here??

There are many more. Condi was one of them because she is not only brilliant, but the first BLACK WOMAN to occupy her seat as sec. of State. It flies in the face of those wacked out racists who say Black people, especially black women are stupid, or inferior.
(THe dems don't see this. That is really a tragedy. She should be applauded, and we should celebrate!).

I was going to give you a list like this: Al Franken, Al Sharpton, Al Gore, (any more Al's? Remind me to never name a child Al.).. Clinton, Michael Moore, ellis Hennican -(what a total annoying person, I just want to slap his whiny face.),Hillary,Susan Sarandon, Cindy Sheehan.

Dionne said...

Rebecca: I had to think about who Ellis was and then I realized you meant that very annoying liberal guy thats on Fox News all the time. I agree that he is extremely annoying.

Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret. said...

Contemporary --20th Century

Both Bush 1, Bush 2, the Gipper, Lt.Col. Jimmy Stewart, Lt. Col. Ed McMahon, Jackie Mason, Alan Keyes,
El Rushbo, The Entire Military,
All Veterans, Lt. Col. Earl Gillespie, Henry Aaron, Gov. Lee Dreyfus (WI, l984) Hedy Lamar (WW2 codebreaker) Lt. Col. Chesty Puller, USMC, ADM Chester Nimitz, Bull Halsey, ADM's Weisner and Bardshar, (Vietnam and two of my commanders)Bob Hope, Fred Allen,
Jean Shepard, Kate Smith, Muddy Waters, Rudy Giuliani, my father TSgt WW2 Corps of Engineers, my uncle, USN RM2 (lost at sea, l944)
my son, 1LT USAR, (WTC and Iraq).