Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"Most Ridiculous, Butt Monkey or Moonbat Awards"

Well, Bill O'Reilly has his "Most Ridiculous item of the day". Laura Ingraham has her "Butt Monkey awards". And our fellow blogger Bloviating Zeppelin has his "Moonbat awards". I'm trying to come up with something similar but unique. I'm open to ideas and suggestions as I'm trying to come up with a name. And I have a perfect example today that would be a ridiculous item and be up for winning the "butt monkey" or the "moonbat" award.

Guess who is out endorsing political candidates? Michael Schiavo. It is so ridiculous it is hard to believe it's true. There are few topics after the Terri Schiavo case that I get as passionate about. To read my thoughts about that whole case go to my previous posts on this.

It is unbelievable. He decided to endorse Democrat Tim Kaine for Governor in Virginia against Republican Jerry Kilgore. He doesn't even live in Virginia!!!!! He was said to be testing the political waters and it doesn't look good for him (Thank God!). BayNews9's online message board had people voicing their opinion on the subject and it was overwhelmingly negative. To see all the comments go to the article but here are some excerpts.

"Who cares what this man thinks? He legally starved his wife to death. Why does his opinion matter to anyone?" was the response posted by W. D. Patton.

"Schiavo's opinions are worth two words, 'Who cares.' I vote for whomever I think is the best candidate. I don't need an adulterer who murdered his wife to help me out."

"When did this guy become politically relevant? Mike, you had the right to want your own life. Your wife died long before the plug was pulled and due to insurance policy requirements you could not simply divorce her near-dead carcass and marry your next love. But now you've had your 15 minutes it is time to slink quietly back into obscurity."

"Who gives a rat's a-- what this guy thinks or who he likes politically. His 15 minutes are up. Maybe he should hook up with wacko Cindy Sheehan."

"This SOB is going to get rich one way or another off of his wife's death. Movies, book deals. ... I am sick of this CREEP getting attention for killing his wife!"

I think all those comments speak for themselves. I couldn't say it any better. Unbelievable!!!!!!!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

We should all place Schiavo's thoughts, feelings and perceived relevance likewise into the "who cares?" category. Although, as he's solely motivated by money, he is in fact an able candidate.

BTW, I really enjoy the overall look of your blog, you've done some GREAT things with it!!

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 08 05

Hello Ms. Chatterbox:
I agree with Blo Zep on the look of your blog. Your creativity and uniqueness are making it your own virtual home:) And I like this funny post! Eddie was on fire today too:) I can not believe that man has the audacity to give his half pence! But ironically, I DO CARE what he has to say because it helps me see what a sick society we live in. I always try to get the way the enemy thinks to use his own arguments against him. I think it puts a person on firmer footing, but sometimes it can be too toxic!

I am appalled that Schiavo would even get media attention and think it is a sad state of affairs when a passive euthanasiast becomes fifteen minute famer! This is ridiculous.

Dionne said...

Zeppelin & Mahndisa: Thanks so much to both of you for your kind comments. It has been fun changing my blog into my own unique home like you said so I appreciate the compliments.

Joia said...

I know you are aware of how absoultely sick to my stomach this creep leaves me. The idea of him having his opinions taken seriously on important issues like politics is just repulsive beyond words. I'm glad to see that even if our country was too apathetic to stop him from killing his wife, at lesat that same apathy will also keep them from giving a damn about his fricking opinions.

Dionne said...

Ditto to that Joia!!

Eddie said...

I forgot to answer your question on my blog, of course you may link to me! I encourage it.

Great post, the whole Schaivo incident was a travesty.

Dionne said...

Thanks! You're added to the blogroll.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

The fact that adulterer Michael Schiavo is still in the news shows you once again that all he's ever cared about is himself.

Dionne said...

Mr. Grey Ghost: Excellent point!!!!

Joubert said...

LMC, Tammy Bruce calls the Moonbats the "Pod people" in her new book, "The New American Revolution," because they are such ALIENS.

Yes, Schiavo is creepy.

BTW, I ended up agreeing with you about Obama.

Rivka said...

Girl, you got it goin on!! What a great post! Very passionate and insightful.

You said it all.. Brilliant once again!

Dionne said...

Thanks, Rebecca.

bigwhitehat said...

I hope this guy stays all over the MSM. It will send their ratings down even faster.

bob said...

Pod People would be a good tag for an award.
So would the Empty Skull award, because most of the recipients have exactly that. They would do well to place signs on their foreheads, saying "Space for Rent Within. Never Used."
Came to you via the Exile. Gotta blogroll you next time I update.