Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Jimmy Carter

I had heard last night that Jimmy Carter was going to be interviewed on one of our local Kansas City stations this morning. I heard them advertise that the interview was going to be around 6:00 am. I thought, yah I'm going to get up early to listen to what Jimmy Carter has to say. That's going to happen. Not!! Sometime this afternoon I heard on the news that his interview consisted mostly of him bashing Bush. What a shocker!!!

Years ago when I was just delving into the world of politics and starting to read presidential biographies I was trying to formulate an opinion on Jimmy Carter. I vividly remember the 1980 elections. My 5th grade teacher had us make a book on all the presidential candidates. We weren't going to a good Bible Church yet and my mom admits they believed a lot of what the MSM said about Reagan. My mom voted for Carter and my dad voted for the independent, I think his name was John Anderson. My mom confesses that she majorly regrets having to admit she voted for Jimmy. Actually I just realized that I have to admit I voted for him in my 5th grade school election. Ofcourse I can blame it on my mom because I just found out who my parents were voting for and voted the same but still!!! THANK GOD most other people didn't vote for Carter or what would today's world look like?

Anyway all that to say, that was the background going into my presidential study. So my initial thoughts were that Jimmy Carter couldn't be that bad. I read a book about Rosalynn and the author talked about their faith and all their ideals. I remember my Aunt having said she read some devotional book he wrote and how great it was. So initially I thought he was a good guy that was just a bad president. He did work for Habitat for Humanity. But my first sign of concern was when there was COMPLETE SILENCE during all of Clinton's scandals. I was a little disappointed that he didn't make some kind of comment on how these things were at the very least bad for the presidency. But even then I gave him the benefit of the doubt because of the etiquette rules that former presidents don't criticize current presidents. Hah!!!! what a joke that turned out to be.

My eyes were immediately opened when very shortly after W became president Carter started the criticism. I was actually in shock. After 8 years of silence during the Clinton scandals he had the audacity to be extremely critical of W because of policy differences. Unbelievable!!! Then I started learning that he wasn't just a bad president. His failures had led to huge detrimental consequences for our country in only 4 years of him being in office. Sean Hannity wrote about it at length in his second book, "Deliver Us From Evil". Here are some quotes from his book that say it all:

Our alliance with the Shah was strategically crucial, and his demise, facilitated by the reckless policies of Jimmy Carter, cleared the path for an extremely anti-American, authoritarian regime whose crimes far outstripped anything the Shah had done, and ignited decades of renewed turmoil in the Persian Gulf.

Looking back, I'm continually astonished at just how much damage Jimmy Carter managed to do in his single four-year term. Tolerating the Soviet arms buildup, endorsing Senator Frank Church's gutting of the CIA, giving away the Panama Canal-his administration undermined American interests at every turn. But it's hard to think of a blunder that had longer and more disastrous repercussions than his betrayal of Iran.

What was once America's strongest ally in the Gulf had become the number one radical Islamic terrorist state in the world. No president in this century has had a less convincing war face than Jimmy Carter. Cloaking himself in the banners of peace and nonviolence, he proved unwilling to confront evil when circumstances required decisive action-and thousands of Iranians, among others, paid the price. To those who suffer under the despotism born of his appeasement, Carter's Nobel Peace Prize must seem a cruel joke.

Carter's betrayal of the Shah, which led to the enabling of his enemies, demonstrates that the dangers of appeasement aren't something consigned to the history books. And the pattern is always the same: instead of confronting evil at critical junctures, appeasers decline, mostly with the false hope that things aren't as bad as they seem, that problems will solve themselves. It's certainly desirable to avoid wars when you can, but not at the price of slavery, oppression, or simply deferring more disastrous consequences until a later day.

As Carter's example confirms, appeasement doesn't prevent wars; it only leads to more dangerous wars, more death and destruction. The same is true today: if President Clinton had been aggressive with al Qaeda in 1993 when it first attacked the World Trade Center, those thousands of people killed on 9/11 might still be with their famiies today.

So when I heard today that Jimmy Carter had once again bashed Bush I thought who cares what Jimmy Carter has to say? He is a failed ex-president who believes in appeasing evil instead of fighting it. Thank God Reagan defeated the soviets and Bush is defeating the terrorists. Principled men at the helm of our country for "such a time as this".


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Jimmy Carter is such a contradiction to me. For all my reading, he was a good Navy commander and had the respect of his subordinates. And to this day, I honestly believe that he does not possess an evil bone in his body and that, unlike so many other persons with hidden and/or overtly evil agendas, he wants to "do good."

The problem is that he has taken an appeasist philosophy and expanded upon it in his retirement dotage. It was bad enough that he opened the gates to the Marielitos and subjected Florida to a subsequent wave of crime in the early 1980s; I never forgave him for relinquishing the Panama Canal, such an incredibly critical path for free shipping commerce and an amazingly strategic choke point in a time of war or strife.

Of course, China knows this all too well.

Dionne said...

I used to agree with your first paragraph. But I just can't get past how he seems to aid and appease the enemy. And how overly critical he is of Bush when Bush is doing such a good job on foreign policy.

Katy Grimes said...

I think as Jimmy has aged he is getting more liberal and a little whacko. If he truly believes his efforts are good for our country, he has dementia.

good post lmc.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 02 05

Hey Ms. Chatterbox:
I agree with Blo Zep all the way! My aunt and uncle (before uncle passed this July) were quite active in Habitat for Humanity. They did a lot of stuff in Ca and then went to Mexico last year. Mr. Carter was there in his old age and helped out hammering nails and seeing the locals. He is a nice person who s an "appeasist" as Blo Zep has said. When I look at all the human rights campaigns he has been on, I can't knock him for that. Frankly he woulda been far better as an Ambassador of Good Will or even in the UN. He wasn't a good president for sure though. That being said, he shoulda critisized Clinton since he is critisizing GWB. So you are right on that; he isn't being fair!

Dionne said...


Good point. I think him and Phil Donahue and some others seem to go a little farther off the edge the older they get.

bigwhitehat said...

When Ford lost to Carter, my grandfather said, "Lord help us. This is going to be rough."

I remember watching Cronkite in the morning (waiting for Captain Kangaroo) and hearing about the SALT talks. My parents did not want to explain what that was about. They just shook their heads in disgust.

I remember watching the price of a can of coke go from .10 to .35 to .50. And I learned what stagflation was from Roger Mudd.

I remember the hostage crisis.

Good times.

Joy D said...

Hi Ms. Chatterbox,
First of all thank you for leaving a comment at my blog Joy Of Blogging (htp://bornagainindia.com/jd). FYI Mr. Jimmy Carter will be on Larry King Live (Nov 2) :).

Dionne said...

Laughed very hard over your grandfather's line. Very well said :-).

Thanks for the comments.

Eddie said...

Great post. I was about four or five during the 1980 elections. I must have been four, as I was not yet in school and my parents took me with them to the voting booth. They still had those levers back then. I had no idea what was going on. Now, I realize my parents were teaching me civic duty, and I was witnessing the beginning of the Reagan revolution. My dad voted for Reagan, always voted Republican, and my mom voted Carter, always voted Democrat until after 1992. Now votes Republican, it's about time.

Nice post.

Dionne said...

Thanks, Eddie. My parents also took us with them to vote and were good examples. By the time Ronald Reagan ran for re-election my parents were on the straight and narrow and voted for him. They have voted Republican ever since. My mom is actually one of the reasons I started listening to Rush.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Carter does one thing nicely these days: he associates himself with Habitat For Humanity and builds houses. He should stick to that.

These days, however, I simply chalk it up to his realization of what he was: essentially the worst American president of the 20th century.

I would have considered Jimmy for my very first weekly BloZep Moonbat Award except for one thing: Carter is essentially so aged and inconsequential, I don't think many people would really care.

Dionne said...

Zeppelin: That is true about him being inconsequential except I've seen him everywhere on TV this week.